Bensie Boy To Provide Pet Accessories At This Summers Dog Festivals

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( — May 24, 2015) Clyde, NC — As it approaches summer, dog owners can gear up for dog shows and festivals all across America to celebrate with their family.  Going to a dog show can be a good experience for dogs as well as dog owners.  However, this can easily be interrupted if the environs is not kept sanitary and safe.

With the large gathering of dogs, trainers, pet owners and children it is important to keep the surroundings clean and friendly for all.  In order to prevent party poopers, owners and trainers are encouraged to be prepared with their dog poop bags to pick up after their Fido. 

The recently released doggie poop bags by Bensie Boy which comes with a bonus dispenser proves to be the ideal accessory to walk with to these dog festivals.  The poop bags are designed to cover the entire hands during use to prevent direct contact with the dog waste.  The package includes 720 sturdy black bags that can hold even big gifts and mask not only the smell but also the sight of the dog poop. 

According to Bensie Boy, the bags efficiently help to prevent the spread of pathogens and harmful bacteria that dog waste attracts, and can thus help to keep dog events fun and pleasant for each patron.  With the inclusion of the T-bone shaped green bag dispenser, dog owners and trainers can conveniently travel with just enough bags needed for the entire day.  This dispenser comes with a clip that makes it easy to fasten to clothes or a dog’s leash while moving around.  They are also small enough to fit in shirt or pants pocket comfortably.

Along with offering a set of accessories for dog owners to use at upcoming dog events, Bensie Boy has boldly announced that a percentage of every purchase goes towards a different animal rescue every month.  Through customer contribution, this company affords to assist pet rescue missions across America to save lives.

Dog owners and trainers are encouraged to ensure that they do their best to keep the environs waste-free at these dog festivals for the health security of others and their pets as well as the environment.  The Bensie Boy doggie poop bags and dispenser can contribute to a fun, smooth-sailing dog event that the entire family can enjoy. 

These accessories are not only efficient and convenient but also give back to dogs in need, offering a sense of charity upon purchase.    

“As they gear up for dog festivals this upcoming season, pet lovers should definitely consider this unique package,” said a spokesperson at Bensie Boy.

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