BBQ Grill Mat Debuted In Time for Summer Grilling Season

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( — May 26, 2015) Louisville, KY — As it gets warmer, more and more people pull out their barbecue grills.  Leading barbecue research team Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association provides evidence that most American households own a grill grate, and use it more during holidays but mostly during the summer. 

The recently launched barbecue grill mat by BBQ Shield is an accessory designed to make grilling safe and easy for beginners and professionals.  The grill mat helps to yield professionally done grilled food with limited possibilities of accidents.

It is a non-stick surface made of a Teflon-like material on which users can prepare all kind of meals.  Compared to using just the bare grill, users can be more experimental and try preparing other types of food that are not typically done on a grill, such as eggs, pancakes, vegetables and so on.

The grill mats essentially act as shields for food from potentially harmful bacteria, germs and pathogens on grill to limit direct contact and thus eliminate cross-contamination.  They also help to prevent easy charring of food while maintaining the desired grilled taste and leaving grill marks.

One user, Tricia B., shared, “Best invention ever! I was super surprised with how well these worked. I couldn’t wait to put them to the test, and my ultimate test at the start of this grilling season was saucy barbecued chicken legs! (I was skeptical with the claim that using the mats would still create beautiful grill marks, but surprisingly they did!) So I put the mats down on my grill, sprayed them lightly with non-stick cooking spray, fired up the grill and put my barbecue sauce marinated chicken on the mats – and they didn’t stick to the mats at all! Not only did they leave the meat on the bone, but my chicken had beautiful grill marks on it, and the bonus was the mats made a former messy grilling experience a breeze to clean up! I love this product. I see me using these over and over and over again and will recommend to all my friends and family. If you know someone who loves to grill out, these would be a perfect gift!”

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BBQ Shield, sold by Paisley Road Products and fulfilled by improves the enjoyment of preparing grilled food. The non-stick surface prevents loss of food through the grates and reduced flare-ups which can burn the food.

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