National Youth Sports Concussion Compliance Alert

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( — May 27, 2015) National Harbor, Maryland — Immediate action is required for sports teams across the country to comply with new statewide legislation regarding the elevated standards of concussion care, according to neurologist Harry Kerasidis, MD, co-director of XLNTbrain LLC. 

For example, in many states like in Connecticut, a new set of guidelines go into effect July 1, 2015 aimed at enhancing concussion-related care.

Find your state’s concussion safety laws here.

“For Summer and Fall sports, people need to know NOW what is mandated, and take a serious look at going beyond the minimal standards,” said Kerasidis, who has treated thousands of concussions in his 25-year practice. “I believe we will soon begin to see annual concussion baseline testing as common as annual physical exams.”

Dr. Kerasidis added the real challenge for many sports teams and organizations is complying with the legislation. “Following league or state approved concussion guidelines is still a relatively new concept, and that’s why I wanted to issue this ‘National Youth Sports Concussion Compliance Alert.’ ”

To assist with compliance, Dr. Kerasidis created XLNTbrain Sport™, an advanced concussion testing and recovery program that includes an educational component that exceeds all the states’ legislated concussion education requirements.

“I started developing the foundation of my concussion protocol after being unable to find relevant concussion information and tools integrated into one platform, so it could be applied in the real world,” Kerasidis said.

XLNTbrain Sport™ includes:

  • Video education that requires taking a quiz to acknowledge understanding
  • Neuro-cognitive baseline testing that includes an emotional reactivity component
  • Balance testing at baseline, time of injury, and through recovery
  • Smartphone mobile sideline assessment app
  • Return-to-play recovery protocol
  • Automated reporting to designated medical personnel
  • XLNTbrain Sport™ is a subscription-based concussion program currently being used by more than 1,700 teams and 40 organizations from youth to professional levels.

Kerasidis said XLNTbrain exceeds the position statements and guidelines set by the National Athletic Trainers Association, the American Academy of Neurology and other medical organizations.


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XLNTbrain provides Clinical-level concussion care designed for sports on all levels. It’s mobile-friendly and available at an affordable subscription. XLNTbrain is ideal for youth and recreational leagues, high school and college sports. XLNTbrain includes concussion education that is compliant with all 50 states’ laws, advanced concussion baseline testing, mobile assessment app, recovery guidance, reporting, symptom tracking and more. XLNTbrain helps prevent and detect concussions and guide athletes safely back to normal activity and gameplay. XLNTbrain is a proud sponsor of MomsTEAM Institute and SmartTeams™. Schedule a demonstration or obtain more information by calling (855) 333-9568, or emailing


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