Mel Gibson’s ‘Braveheart’ Ignored Film Hero’s Faith, Bill Heid Says

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( — May 29, 2015) Thomson, Illinois — Audio theater producer Bill Heid is a fan of Mel Gibson’s popular movie “Braveheart,” but when he began researching the film’s hero, William Wallace, he discovered that the movie left a lot out.

Heid isn’t referencing the oft-discussed movie flaws such as the wearing of kilts or the painting of faces – neither of which was done during Wallace’s era.

Instead, Heid is alluding to Wallace’s Christian faith.

“I personally liked ‘Braveheart’ a lot, but as I dug deeper into this, I found that William Wallace wasn’t the person that Mel Gibson told us,” Heid said in May on K-TALK out of South Jordan, Utah. “He was a very devout man of faith. For example, he was educated in a Christian school, and one or two of his uncles were priests. He carried a Psalter with him at all times. He also had a Christian education that included Latin and four other languages. So this wasn’t just a barbarian that would paint himself blue and charge a hill – although he certainly was capable of wielding a sword.”

Heid’s latest family friendly audio drama, “In Freedom’s Cause,” follows the story of Wallace as he fights to free Scotland from British rule around the year 1400. It’s the second release from Heid’s company, Heirloom Audio Productions, which was founded to produce Hollywood-quality audio dramas that put God back into history.

The 2-CD set features study guides and original music, and is particularly popular among homeschool and Christian families.

It stars Golden Globe winner Joanne Froggatt (Anna Bates of “Downton Abbey”), Billy Boyd (Pippin of “The Lord Of The Rings”), Skandar Keynes (Edmund of “The Chronicles of Narnia” series), James Cosmo (Campbell, Father Christmas of “Braveheart” and “The Chronicles of Narnia”, respectively) and Brian Blessed (“Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,” “Tarzan”).

Wallace even asked if he could read his Psalter as he was being executed, Heid said.

“He was a great man of faith,” Heid said.

The company’s first project, “Under Drake’s Flag,” was nominated for two Audie Awards (best audio drama and best package design) and told the story of 16th century explorer Sir Francis Drake. The Audies are the “Academy Awards of audio.”

Heirloom Audio’s next project, the Civil-War-themed “With Lee In Virginia,” is scheduled to be released in June. It will feature Kirk Cameron as Stonewall Jackson; Sean Astin (“Rudy,” “The Lord Of The Rings,” “The Goonies”) as Jeb Stuart; Chris Anthony (“Adventures In Odyssey”) as Robert E. Lee’s wife, Mary Lee; Kelsey Lansdowne (“Curious George” film) as Lucy, the story’s female love interest; and Andre Sogliuzzo (“Polar Express,” “Open Season 3”) as Robert E. Lee.

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