Summer Picnic Season Officially Starts Throughout the United States

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( — June 1, 2015) Las Vegas, NV — Freddie and Sebbie main spokesperson and co-founder, Neil Speight, shared some cool ideas for eating outdoors in a recent press meeting. He stated “For picnics, it is best to bring along foods that are simple to eat like finger foods, sandwiches, pasta or crackers and cheese. Likewise, grilling and barbecuing are excellent ways to enjoy newly cooked foods and has always been a favorite not simply for the men, however likewise for females and children, too. Salads and fruit kebabs are also nice to bring for healthy lifestyles as well as balancing out the other tastes you have in your picnic basket.” He also discussed that it is essential to have a clean area where you can set out your goodies or maybe extend or nap under shade or a tree. “And don’t forget to load utensils, tissues or paper towels, your picnic blanket, trash can and drinks that are easy to pour, get hold of or pass around,” he included.


Speaking of picnic blankets, a high quality outside blanket has actually been offered by Freddie and Sebbie. Among the most recent reviews for the product states: “Great fun to make use of, and really useful for eating outside! My husband and I take pleasure in picnics while we’re hiking with our dogs, or as part of a canoe rental day trip, or perhaps at outdoor concerts where we want to bring our own food. This blanket is very well made, comfortable to make use of, and highly suggested. Someone else informed me about it and recommended we buy one for ourselves, so truly pleased we did!”


In another review, confirmed consumer Romaine, has actually called it “the supreme picnic blanket“. She included: “I possess several picnic blankets, and this one is by far my favorite! Let me inform you why: 1. The handle system is detachable. Too many blankets of this type have attempted to incorporate the straps and handle right into the blanket. Guess what? Someone has to rest on them, and they can be frustrating and unpleasant. For this blanket, the straps come straight off and you’ve got the blanket all to itself! 2. The blanket is huge! The majority of picnic blankets have the tendency to be 50 x 60, however this one is 55 x 78, which gives a lot more space to spread out on. 3. The fleece top is soft and feels terrific on my skin. 4. The base is water-proof and it does not let any wetness in. This is very important for those morning soccer games where the lawn is still dewy. And lastly, 5. It looks really nice. The colors, the pattern, and the leather handle all combine and make this a really standout blanket!”


The Freddie and Sebbie Outdoor Blanket is explained on the Amazon Marketplace as spacious, light-weight, simple to fold and compact. Equipped with a supple leather strap, it is simple to hold and exceptionally neat to look at. Finally according to the product description, it is also made with thick glamorous fleece and water resistant backing that won’t quickly rip unlike other brands, making it the completely convenient picnic blanket for any occasion. More details and confirmed customer reviews for the outside picnic blanket by Freddie and Sebbie can be discovered on their special Amazon store-front.


The luxury outdoor blanket by Freddie and Sebbie is only sold on Amazon, where ratings of (happy) client product testimonials can be seen.





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