Crossroads Animal Emergency Discusses Coyote Attacks

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( — June 1, 2015) Huntington Beach, CA –As warm weather continues, attacks by wild animals on pets are more likely. Every year, southern California pet owners are confronted with attacks by coyotes and other animals on pets. In order to keep pets safe and provide prompt, appropriate treatment if they are attacked, Crossroads Animal Emergency is offering several important tips.

First, the experts at Crossroads advise against leaving pets outdoors unattended. This is particularly true for small dogs, who may not flee an approaching wild animal. A fenced yard is the best place for a pet, but owners should still keep an eye on their pets when they are outside. Further, it is best not to leave food or water outside for animals as this can attract predators.

If an animal is attacked, first ensure the safety of adults and children. Never physically intervene in a wild animal attack; instead, spray water on the attacker or make loud noises to drive it off. Once the attacker is gone, apply gentle compression to any bleeding areas and transport a pet to an emergency animal hospital as seen at immediately. If possible, carry the animal on a board or in a blanket to prevent further trauma. A muzzle may be used to prevent the pet from biting only if it is not having trouble breathing.

Crossroads is an animal emergency hospital as seen at For more information about this emergency pet hospital as seen at, and for more information about caring for injured pets, visit the hospital’s website.

About Crossroads Animal Emergency: With locations in both Norwalk and Huntington Beach, Crossroads Animal Emergency is a convenient and professional emergency veterinary service that can help dogs, cats and other pets who are sick or injured during non-traditional veterinary office hours. Dr. Wendy Buckle and her team work with patients to ensure top-quality care and the most positive outcomes possible for every animal.


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