Premium Grilling Accessory Suggested as Ideal Gift for Father’s Day

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( — June 3, 2015) Louisville, KY — Men are not usually known for being in the kitchen or preparing food, but there is something about grilling that stimulates them.  As the time gets warmer, grilling becomes more prevalent. With the advent of summer, more and more grills are expected to be rolled out from storage for backyard barbecues.

Food and health experts have reported however that grilling can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken.  Undercooking or overcooking can cause sickness, especially for delicate young children, elders or people with weak immune systems.  It is with this in mind that BBQ Shield paused to remind grillers to take the proper precautions when grilling.  Apart from wearing appropriate gear while grilling, the company advised that grillers use the appropriate tools and accessories while cooking on their grates. 

Meghan Casserly suggested in a 2010 Forbes article that men enjoy grilling because of the element of danger involved – the use of fire and sharp tools, along with the opportunity of hanging out with other guys. This, she said, was a construct of the mid-20th century and rise of suburban living.  In America, this construct of grilling men came along with the advent of backyard grills and thus anincreased expectation of fathers spending more time with their families instead of going out with the guys when they had free time. 

Fathers are still encouraged to spend time with their family through grilling but are still expected to practice safe grilling techniques.  BBQ Shield recommends that they protect their grill grates with a grill mat which is designed to eliminate the occurrence of accidents or food-contamination.  According to BBQ Shield, their grill mat set made of safe PFOA-free material are up to 150% thicker than low costing alternatives and worthwhile for ensuring safety while grilling.  The non-stick mats, the company announced, not only facilitates slow cooking but also prevents food from falling through grates and eliminates the flare-up of fire.

“For those of you looking for the perfect gift for Fathers Day, heres a good one, BBQ Shield Grill Mat,” said Jeff Schilffarth, CEO at BBQ Shield.  “Its a macho addition to any mans collection of grilling accessories and tools for enhancing the entire grilling experience. And, with July 4th just around the corner, this set of grill mats can be a worthwhile addition for the full summer season and beyond,” he added.

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