Success Guru Andy Shaw Speaks About “Dealing With Problems” At Vegas

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( — June 9, 2015) Steyning, West Sussex — 

Staying with the problem longer was the issue Andy decided he wanted to help his followers with, ahead of this year’s “A Bug Free Mind” mastermind event, held annually in Las Vegas. Andy said: “We need to consider what Albert Einstein wrote: It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” The UK entrepreneur’s footstep message entitled “Staying with the Problem Longer,” continued by saying: “If you are good at something, it is because you stayed with the problem longer. If you struggle to achieve something and give up, it is because you didn’t stay with the problem long enough. People often wonder how I know all of the things I know. They wonder how I’ve achieved what I wanted. The secret lies in two things, figuring out what you want, and staying with it long enough, so basically for anything you’ve succeeded with in life is because you managed to figure out those two things for yourself.”


Andy also quoted a similar pitch from Napoleon Hill, who said: “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” Andy says that both lines are what he considered obvious truths, and that because of that, we have often failed to actually apply the wisdom itself. Sir Isaac Newton, Andy gave as an example of the very wise man who discovered gravity, because he just never gave up working out the idea of why the apple fell downward and not upward. Staying with the problem, Andy says, is the solution to dealing with all problems.


Currently with 9 Responses for Andy’s message “Staying with the Problem Longer,” Khalid has said: “Your best message ever! So dense, so wise and so… simple! Better than a whole book on self development. How can I thank you enough for that? At least…many thanks Andy!” In a video recently published on Youtube, Andy Shaw talks about the importance of focussing on the present, rather than on the past or future, and the significance of just not worrying about the time factor involved. Andy describes time as man-made, while accrediting Albert Einstein as saying that time was just an illusion.


Andy adds that problems just need to be acknowledged, and archived for future attention, while worrying about problems is just causing self-inflicting pain. Regarding the negative effect of worrying, he also says: “The main reason why people aren’t successful at dealing with their problems is the negative effect worry has on the mind. So the initial step is obviously the need the reprogram the mind, and remove all of the negative thought patterns for good.


Basically, everything to get started with removing those bugs is found within the first five chapters of “A Bug Free Mind,” which will help anyone to move their life forward at full speed. Instant free access is available on the “A Bug Free Mind” website.” With followers from over 110 different countries, the success mindset system has become one of the most successful personal development courses in recent times.










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