Just Brill’s Childrens Thermometer Is Quickly Moving Up The Ranks on Amazon.com

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(Newswire.net — June 10, 2015) Brighton, East Sussex — Just Brill’s digital childrens thermometer is really making its mark on Amazon.com as it quickly moves up in the ranks in the Amazon.com search engine. This digital thermometer moved from a ranking in the baby category at 1687 to a ranking of 580.

Improving ones rank within Amazon can be a very difficult task, and can take a long time, especially in a competitive niche.  Although this can be difficult, it is not surprising this digital childrens thermometer by Just Brill has accomplished this feat due to the fact that it very well made product and continues to gather great reviews from happy customers. 

The ranking system within Amazon.com uses a variety of different factors to create the rankings of their products. Some of these factors include quantity of sales, seller performance and product satisfaction. Amazon then takes all of those factors into consideration and then determines the ranking of the products. The ranking system is one reason buyers love Amazon because it helps buyers make better buying decisions .

“We worked very hard with the development of our childrens thermometer, therefore we are very pleased with how quickly we are moving in the rankings. Our goal with this childrens thermometer was to make sure it met specific needs of moms like no probes, a ten reading recall and more.” Says Justin, a company representative from Just Brill.

Based on user reviews, Just Brill digital childrens thermometer has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating.

“This thermometer is great. We got it to replace a digital stick thermometer, and this was a great choice. We can take a temperature in about 2 seconds after turning it on. It is consistent between the ears, and after several tries in each ear. It is especially easy to use in our newborns ear, and he likes it a whole lot more than the old digital stick thermometer under the arm or up the wazoo!” Said Lance P, a happy customer. 

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