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( — June 10, 2015) St Petersburg, Florida —  In honor of June 10th being declared “National Herbs And Spices Day” gifted acupuncture physician and Chinese herbologist Justin Mandel, DOM AP is accepting patients for herbal consultations together with their alternative medicine treatments.  Local St. Petersburg, Florida residents and people living in surrounding towns are welcome to visit him in his picturesque lake view Rapid Health Response office to discover how he might be able to help with any health condition that could be benefited with herbal medicine.


Justin Mandel, DOM AP has helped patients over his 12-years in practice using Chinese Herbal Medicine for an extremely wide spectrum of conditions.  When applied correctly for the right condition using herbal medication can help provide significant relief from pain to stress to emotional situations.   


He had this to say about National Herbs And Spices Day, “This is a great opportunity for people to be able to find out about using natural herbs to improve their lives and feel better from what ails them.  Approximately 25% of pharmaceutical drugs used in the United States have been derived from plants, so it makes solid sense to go direct to the source and get them in their natural state without them ever being modified in a laboratory.


Out of the entire Chinese medical system, in my opinion there is no doubt about it that Chinese herbal medicine is the most powerful part of the entire 5,000-year-old system.  As an herbologist who passed board certification tests I had to study about 375 very different single herbs and approximately 120 herbal formulas which consist of 8 to 12 herbs each on average. 


The most critical part of giving patients herbal medication is in the diagnosis of the patient, and an herbal consultation is not dependent on a medical doctors opinion. This means that anyone can go to an herbologist and get helped without concern of another health care professionals input.  Because the Chinese diagnostic system has little to do with western medicine a patient can be successfully diagnosed by an herbologist and feel better with as little as hours of taking their very first dosage.


The bottom line is that the raw potential that I have as an experienced herbologist to benefit people who need help has to be experienced to be believed.    


For more information about Chinese Herbologist Justin Mandel, DOM AP and his Rapid Health Response practice go to  or call his office at 727-240-2141. 




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Rapid Health Response is a newly opened alternative medicine practice located in St. Petersburg, Florida. With 17 years of experience since his first internship, acupuncture physician Justin Mandel, DOM from Rapid Health Response specializes in Overactive Bladder (OAB) and Upperback/Neck pain. He is the inventor of a revolutionary patented procedure for Overactive Bladder called the Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique®

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