New Study Looks Into the Changing Landscape of Call Centers

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( — June 16, 2015) –Increasing numbers of businesses are outsourcing many customer care services to call centers to handle a need they are unable to meet in-house. From taking general inquiries to handling complaints, call centers are a booming business but one that is undergoing a changing landscape. Here, industry experts explain how the current model many call centers operate under is obsolete and why today’s consumer is after so much more than they have been getting.

 Mattersight Releases New Study Data

In an effort to analyze how businesses can improve customer experiences in call centers, Mattersight launched a study that surveyed 1,000 consumers in regards to their personal experiences when contacting customer care. Mattersight is a renowned pioneer in software applications that are personality-based. The result of the study found that today’s consumer is looking for something more than they have been getting as they are extremely connected and better informed than in previous generations.

Because of this, a high percentage of consumers will attempt problem solving prior to contacting customer service and only do so after a number of failed attempts. By this point their frustration level is through the roof and they have little to no patience. What Mattersight found is that by the time the consumer placed the call, their need was ‘urgent’ and the atmosphere already highly fraught with tension.

Current US Statistics

In the United States, there are more than 70 million consumers who call customer services each and every year and statistics show that at least 66% of those people are already frustrated before they even pick up the phone. If that wasn’t bad enough, consider the fact that of those polled after making a call, at least three-quarters of them were not appeased and still frustrated after completing a call to customer service.

Mattersight CEO Defines the Real Problem

According to Mattersight President and CEO, Kelly Conway, the problem with the current call center model is that they are geared towards numbers. Success is measured by the amount of calls answered daily and not in terms of whether or not the consumer’s problems were resolved. A call center’s goal is to get the caller offline as quickly as possible to keep those numbers up. Conway said that numbers have been taking precedence over user experience, which is why call centers today are failing miserably.

Innovative Call Centers Lead the Way Forward

There are a number of companies that handle outsourced call center operations that have found the solution. Ameridial call center solutions include a trained staff highly skilled in communications where they can address the consumer’s frustration first and foremost. By understanding that the consumer is already frustrated, it is possible to create a favorable outcome with a personalized touch. Personalization to each and every call is key and without that extra added bit of care, most calls will still be ranked unacceptable by consumers who are looking for that ‘connection’ mentioned above.

Mattersight will be addressing this and other call center issues at the upcoming 16th Annual Call Center Week to be held at the Mirage in Las Vegas from June 15 through June 19. Awards will be bestowed and call center market leaders will be presenters throughout the conference. In keeping with evolving call center needs, businesses and call center professionals are urged to attend.