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( — June 17, 2015) Los Angeles, CA –Citing limitations of existing general-purpose answering services, Edmond Cariolagian of Los Angeles-based Global Messaging Network announced today the creation of a specialty lead-generation support service designed especially for attorneys and law firms of all specialties.

“The problem with general-purpose answering services,” says Cariolagian, “is that they are forced to operate in such a way that they generalize all of their support services. That is, they have clients who are roofers, dentists, lawn care companies, plumbers, insurance agents, actors, private investigators, musicians, air-conditioning repair services, pavers, and many others over a wide variety of industries. And that’s what causes the problem when this general-purpose operation attempts to provide the professional, round-the-clock support services for the special needs of lawyers.”

Telephone Answering Designed to Provide What’s Missing

Cariolagian says that his organization created the Attorney’s Receptionist service after processing “trouble reports” from attorneys using general-purpose answering services, covering a span of 14 years.

“The same specific problems came up over and over again,” says Cariolagian. “That’s when we realized it would be a good idea to create a lead-generation and business support system specifically designed for attorneys to handle the problems and needs of law firms, that is, to address their specific business requirements.”

The name of this new support service for attorneys is “the Attorney’s Receptionist,” because for all practical purposes — for night, weekend, and after-hours calls — the specialty service provides selected personnel providing superior telephone answering and intake services for law firms’ calls. The hiring and selection process for these receptionist is rigorous. Only one out of 200 applicants makes the grade, and 100% of the staff is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Telephone Answering with a Pleasant Voice

Another unique benefit considered essential for law firms is the Attorney’s Receptionist “pleasant voices” project. The initial differentiation that a law firm can project is the sound of the voice of the person answering the phone. In most law firms, the hiring attorney is aware of this, and has hired his in-house receptionist and made sure that the phone is answered very pleasantly, because attorneys want to capture every single call from potential new clients.

“You see,” says Cariolagian, “attorneys can have clients who each can represent a very large amount of money, but attorneys do not typically handle very many clients at a time, due to the great time demands of each case. Therefore, as a business practice, it is essential for attorneys to successfully book an appointment with each potential client who calls. In addition, it is common for attorneys to spend significant amounts of money on advertising, with the expectation of attracting only a few new-business calls from that advertising expense. Therefore it becomes imperative to avoid losing calls. And traditional answering services struggling to cover hundreds of clients in a general-purpose manner consistently miss calls, answer slow, sound  harried, and generally fall short of the professional and focused attention that a legal client expects.”

The Attorney’s Receptionist also supports their claims of superior lead-capture results with what they call their “Over-Staffing” system, which they say insures faster answering of the attorney’s calls.

Helping Law Firms Grow

“Sure, an attorney’s income can be high,” says Cariolagian, “but the time demands of the job can be brutal. And in fact many smaller firms attain a certain growth, and then oscillate up and down, having reached the potential of their marketing effectiveness, and they run headlong into the wall, the limitation of their available time. At last, we can offer a solution that helps and supports the law firm’s growth.”

Promotional Pricing and Marketing Support Materials

During the period of the service’s initial introduction, promotional package pricing and marketing support materials are available. See the company’s website for full details of these promotions, which may change over time.

About the Attorney’s Receptionist

The Attorney’s Receptionist service is specifically designed to assist any law practice to get more new clients by effective after-hours, weekend, and night-time telephone call answering. Providing superior professionalism, better sound quality, and faster answering, as well as initial intake services specifically designed for the needs of law firms, the company claims their services can maximize the return of dollars and hours invested in marketing the practice, with professional on-call coverage of the firm’s telephone round the clock. The company offers a unique trial subscription, and backs it up with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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