Alpine Technical Services Provides First-Ever Solar Chlorination in Joseph, UT

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(SnappConner PR — June 17, 2015) Alpine Technical Services (ATS), of Murray, UT, has teamed with local engineer and electrician and mayor to provide the first ever solar chlorination installation using state-of-the-art Horizon PTF-100 Trichlor Tablet Feeder in the city of Joseph, Utah.

For other municipalities that have no access to power at their chlorination station, the Horizon PTF-100 can be an ideal solution. For any municipality or organization that would like to replace hazardous gas or troublesome bleach with a better and safer method for municipal water chlorination, contact ATS  from any location at 801-997-6390. 

Having the correct equipment, chemicals, and technical expertise can save your company or your municipality time and money, according to Richard Allred, CEO of ATS. ATS is a premier chemical provider and industrial water treatment specialist that carries a full line of water treatment equipment and chemical products, as well as safety shower and eyewash solutions.

“Our extensive knowledge and capabilities can help you and your firm minimize facility downtime, reduce wastewater, and protect your employees and the equipment they use,” Allred said. 

About Alpine Technical Services

Operating as a privately-held company in Midvale, Utah, ATS provides custom safety and water treatment solutions. ATS is a leading provider of high-end safety showers for industrial settings where hazardous chemicals exist. ATS is introducing “bundles” that include chemicals, equipment and safety showers as a complete solution to its clients. In addition, the company is currently expanding its focus to address water purification for rural municipalities, in particular. In all, the company is dedicated to providing an increasingly larger spectrum of technology and bioscience solutions to answer the world’s needs for cleaner water, safer manufacturing environments, and more effective solutions towards the creation of a safer environment and better world.

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Alpine Technical Services
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