Killer Posted His Intentions on Facebook Yet No One Warned Police

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( — June 22, 2015) — Cincinnati Police dispatchers received a call on Friday from someone who reported a young man with a gun, reportedly at the same address from where the call was made, CNN affiliate WLWT reported.

“He’s walking around getting belligerent with a gun,” Trepierre Hummons told the operator. Then he gave a description of himself in a shaky voice. “Very early 20s … about like 5 (foot) 6 … he’s a little thick fellow.”

Reportedly, Hummons dialed one more time to confirm that a patrolman was dispatched and on his way.

According to Hummons’ Facebook post, he intended to commit suicide by police. The Cincinnati police said he dialed 911 and waited for the police patrol to arrive. When they did, he opened a fire, shot and killed 48-year-old Officer Sonny Kim, a husband and father of three, WLWT reported, adding that Hummons managed to open fire on two officers.  

The dispatcher recording released by the police reveal voice of Officer Kim responding, “Copy, I’m in the area.” Then he shouted “Shots fired! Shots fired!”

Reportedly, in spite of the protective vest he wore, Hummons wounded Kim several times and opened fire to other approaching police officers. The police report said that Hummons’ mother came out to the street at one time struggling for a gun.

It is unclear if she managed to grab his gun, however, Hummons walked to wounded Police Officer Kim who was lying on the ground and tried to take his weapon. After a third Officer arrived, Hummons opened fire with Officer Kim’s gun. Police Officer Tom Sandman then returned fire and shot Hummons. Both, Hummons and Officer Kim died later at a hospital.

WLWT cited the Police Chief Blackwell that Hummons was a member of a local gang called the Clutch Gang and had been arrested on burglary, robbery and for illegally carrying a concealed weapon.

The same day he instigated the shootout, Hummons had been reported for a sex offense, Blackwell said, adding that he wishes one of Hummons’ Facebook contacts who liked and shared his post, had warned the police.  

“That didn’t happen in this case, unfortunately,” Blackwell said, “and we lost one of our best police officers.”

Reportedly, Hummons said goodbye to his friends explaining that he was going to commit suicide by police.