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( — June 23, 2015) Naples, FL — The Twilight Dog Reflective Dog Vest which was recently released on Amazon has quickly made its way to best seller position in the “dog raincoats” category.  Since its January launch on the large online selling portal the dog vest has been gaining positive reviews by pet owners and on June 15 became the number one seller in its category.

Twilight Dog designed a breathable waterproof dog raincoat that can keep dogs dry and cozy during rainy and snowy weather.  The company acknowledged that dogs can get sick with too much exposure to the elements during wet and cold times which has prompted them to create a practical accessory that can prevent this and the wet fur smell.

The dog vests are designed to protect pets during the daytime and at nights.  It is a bright fluorescent color that cyclists as well as emergency workers use to increase visibility in low lit areas.  The company proudly highlighted that each vest includes top quality 3M reflective tapes.

The vests stand out as the only one of its kind on the market as it not only acts as a dog raincoat but also a safety gear for dogs.  The reflective vests reflect car lights which make them ideal for night walks and can function as a hunting gear in the daytime.  According to Reba Scott from Twilight Dog, the 4 sizes from XS to Large were designed to fit any size dog between 14 and 130lbs and accommodates girth 22-36 inches at the chest or widest part of dog.  Additionally, they pointed out that the Velcro adjustable strap closures at the waist and neck and the breathable extra durable 300D Oxford Weave Fabric gives a snug fit for dogs.

Twilight Dog has included bonus reflective band for pet owners which can be worn on the arm or leg as preferred for additional safety.  With the launch of this unique dog raincoat by Twilight Dog, pet owners can feel comfortable while walking their dog at any time of the year.

The complete package offered by Twilight Dog puts it an edge above other similar dog accessories on Amazon which has contributed to its popularity among pet owners.  

About Twilight Dog

Twilight Dog is a company based in Naples, Florida USA. We sell Reflective Dogs Vests to protect you and your treasured pets if there is poor visibility or to protect them from the elements. Twilight Dog protects your dogs from being in danger while walking when it’s not not light out because now you are visible to cars. These vests keep you safe even if you and your pooch are tramping around in the woods.

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