New Company Twilight Dog Launches Pet Accessory For Dogs

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( — June 25, 2015) Naples, FL — The company launched its trademark Reflective Dog Vests marked with a blue paw-print conveniently on Amazon.

Dogs and Cats are the most favored pets for American families.  Statistics from a 2012 demographic study by the American Veterinarian Medical Association (AMVA) showed that over 60% of American households own a dog or cat.  

Statistics from another study, gathered by 25 New England schools, revealed that in 2013 alone 6 million dogs and cats were killed on the road.  According to statistics from the Pet’s Tech, every year 1.2 million dogs are killed on the roads each year in the US alone.

Experts report that a large percentage of these road fatalities occur due to low visibility.  Many motorists have reported that they did not see the animal until it was too late.  This has been true for dogs with dark and light color fur coat. 

Dogs can be a hidden target on the road despite their color, especially at nights.  According to pet supplies company, Twilight Dog, it is with this in mind that they designed their Reflective Dog Vest, a hybrid type of dog raincoat.  The neon yellow dog vest is lined with 3M reflective tapes that makes pet visible up to 5000 feet away.  Its trademark blue paw-print also reflects light.  

The company intended to ensure that drivers are able to see wandering dogs, at nights easily from afar to decrease the amount of deaths on the road.  Much thought has been employed into the making this dog raincoat.  It is made from extra durable 300D Oxford Weave Fabric that is waterproof yet breathable.  The waterproof material shields dogs from rain and snow, and keep them warm in these weather conditions.

The dog raincoat by Twilight Dog ais not a typical dog vest but rather an innovative gear that can protect dogs in more than one ways while they are out on the road, thus making them a valuable and essential accessory.

About Twilight Dog

Twilight Dog is a company based in Naples, Florida USA. We sell Reflective Dogs Vests to protect you and your treasured pets if there is poor visibility or to protect them from the elements. Twilight Dog protects your dogs from being in danger while walking when it’s not not light out because now you are visible to cars. These vests keep you safe even if you and your pooch are tramping around in the woods.

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