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( — June 24, 2015) Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA — XTREME MUSIC is a global collective of artists, authors, and musicians exploring Music and Spirituality. It offers artist features, brief biographies, and exclusive interviews with many of the world’s most visionary musicians and writers. Xtreme Music’s vision is to celebrate, encourage, and inspire an online community to consider their own faith and values, by connecting music-makers and music-lovers to their published books and inspiring resources.


JUSTIN ST. VINCENT is the Director and Founder of Xtreme Music. He has self-published four books including a worldwide trilogy exploring The Spiritual Significance of Music (2009-2012), and free eBook Love Live Forgive: Insights from Artists (2014), all available from:


Q: Justin, what can people expect to find on the website and in your book?


Xtreme Music was designed for music-makers and music-lovers. They can expect to find a book series and a website that embraces the beauty and diversity of Music. Essentially, it includes insightful interviews to enhance music appreciation. It’s a celebrated book series that helps amplify people’s passion for music; an inspirational anthology co-created with musicians and writers worldwide.


Q: You have interviewed over 1000 people to explore the spiritual significance of music. How did you get people to share their insights on music and spirituality?


It was all done through a personal invitation to participate in this global project. I would ask each individual just one question, and that was, “What do you believe is the spiritual significance of music?”


Belief was the central theme of that one question, and as you can imagine, it generated a significant number of responses from people who shared their own beliefs from various communities, many different cultures, and faith-based backgrounds.


As much as I would have loved to meet most of these musicians face to face, the reality is that studio recordings, tour schedules, and live performances do take priority in their music career. As the book was a text-based project, e-mails and letters were by far the best method of communication with all the authors and musicians. It allowed for more efficient and productive interviews, plus easier publishing the remarkable insights from each of their responses.


Q: What inspires you most about pursuing this project?


Well, I was inspired by the question, “What if there’s more to music than meets the ear?” To explore this further, this project inspired me to connect with many musicians that I greatly admire and appreciate.


Music is powerful, and I found that many of these musicians connected with the central themes of this book. I believe many people are impacted and influenced by music in their daily lives.


Exploring, searching, and discovering The Spiritual Significance of Music continues to be a way I pursue my passions and enjoy the journey. I hope that this book inspires many people with an amplified passion for their life and their music too.


Q: Throughout this project what would be the number one thing you have personally learnt about music and spirituality?


I guess the number one thing I have personally learnt about music and spirituality is that there is definitely more to music than meets the ear. I’ve learnt something new from every interview. Each response has illuminated a unique voice sharing an intimate view from each person; about what they believe, and what they create.


Their wonderful words are extremely personal, and I deeply cherish, honour, and respect each of the musicians and writers that have contributed to this epic anthology. My hope is that every reader will also learn something new from every interview.


Q: What would you say is the overall message of your book?


The overall message of my book is that we are the spiritual significance of music. Music in itself has no spiritual significance without people, because it is people who project significance onto sound. In this sense, the listener is empowered to create spiritual significance from their own personal experiences with music. People bring their own significance to music.


In fact, I believe music and spirituality are universal languages with global appeal. Both have a direct influence and impact on the human spirit. As many of us may have experienced, music can have a therapeutic potential for healing the heart, soothing the soul, and uplifting the spirit. Music truly resonates with the human spirit, and we are the spiritual significance of music.


Q: What feedback have you received about the material found on the website and in the book?


The feedback from this book series has been positively overwhelming. It’s certainly struck a powerful chord with thousands of musicians around the world. Many people seem to connect deeply with the intimate themes that resonate throughout the pages of this book. It’s always so encouraging to receive responses from anyone who has been positively inspired by this project.


Q: What do you hope people will get from the book?


I hope people will be inspired to consider their own faith and values. You know, life is like music – with high notes and low notes and sometimes we can get lost in the melody and rhythm, playing our own soundtrack to life.


Yet, I believe that deep down in the depths of the human soul most of us are searching for significance. This reflects a desire to discover something greater than ourselves. Music can lead us from this deep desire to discover more.


My hope is that The Spiritual Significance of Music continues to strike a positive chord with people, and that this book fulfils its purpose to challenge, encourage, and inspire people to consider their own faith and values, and ultimately ask themselves their own question of, “What do they believe is the spiritual significance of music?”


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