PCExchange Becomes Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

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(Newswire.net — June 30, 2015) Framingham, MA –PCExchange has become a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, allowing the company to serve its customers with the highest standard of PC repair. As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, the company can now supply Microsoft certification on all its refurbished PCs for both commercial and personal use.

In order to obtain the designation as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, as seen at https://www.microsoft.com/refurbishedpcs/RRP.aspx, the company had to show that it could meet very stringent quality control standards. Microsoft only grants the Registered Refurbisher status to those refurbishers who can guarantee that their products will meet the strictest guidelines for quality control and performance.

PCExchange offers refurbished computers for brand names like IBM, DELL, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, NEC, Sun Microsystems and others. Many large corporations turn in their computers at the end of the leasing period, so the company often receives large shipments of nearly-new devices, including monitors, printers and accessories, which the company then evaluates and refurbishes for sale to the public. By using the latest technology and attention to the best practices in reconditioning computers and parts, the company is able to offer the highest quality in used computers and accessories to the public.

With exacting standards and testing, the company is also able to meet Microsoft’s rigorous requirements for refurbished computers and accessories. This seal of approval means that customers can rely on the dependability of all products purchased from the company. Finally, refurbishing allows the company to offer computers and accessories at a much lower cost than new. For more information, see the company’s website at http://www.pcexchange.com/.

About PCExchange: PCExchange is a refurbishing and liquidation center for computer leasing agencies. Those who lease brand names like IBM, Hewlett Packard, NEC, Dell and Toshiba to Fortune 500 companies often have a surplus of returned PCs and laptops when leases expire. This company takes those nearly-new computers and refurbishes them so that they can offer them to consumers at exceptionally low prices.

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