Lisa Blue Australian Swimwear Launches 2015 Collection

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( — June 30, 2015) Los Alamitos, CA –Lisa Blue Australia has recently launched its latest 2015 collection. According to the designer, the collection is inspired by her trips around the world as well as childhood icons. The designer discusses the colorful and historical cities she visited along the Mediterranean which she reflects in the collection’s color palette. She mentions that the 2015 collection “creatively unifies the strong Gothic silhouettes found in France and the unique ornamentation of Baroque influences across Europe.” Other inspiration was found in an influential childhood icon, Raquel Welsh. Her role in One Million Years BC inspired several pieces including the “Medusa” and “Million Years BC.” Each piece offers animal-style print in fun, modern colors. Other options are inspired by Mediterranean history, such as the “Athena” and “Aphrodite” which harp back to Greek mythology.

Lisa Blue bikinis as seen at come in many styles, from traditional bikini to bathing suit options that offer more coverage, such as a skirt or top. Those who are looking for a nice variety of quality swimsuits as seen at are sure to find something at Lisa Blue.

Lisa Blue is considered a pioneer in using fashion to help preserve the marine environment. According to the company, twenty five percent of all net profits for Lisa Blue sales is donated to helping protect whales and dolphins. That means that those who by swimwear as seen at are also aiding in preserving precious marine life around Australia. According to Lisa Blue, “Listen to the call of the whale…listen to your heart…you can make a difference.” Because of this effort, Lisa Blue has become known as supporting both the outer and inner beauty of modern women who want to make a difference in the world.

About Lisa Blue: Lisa Blue is a pioneer enterprise that combines the beauty of quality swimwear fashions with a worthy cause to help preserve marine environments. Twenty-five percent of all net profit for Lisa Blue is donated to organizations that protect waves and dolphins.


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