Financial Advice Website Celebrates 8th Anniversary This July

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( — July 1, 2015) Irvine, CA —In July, financial website will celebrate 8 years online. Since the site was founded by David Ning, in 2007, it has been delivering advice on all aspects of personal finance, from saving money on diapers, to what to do during a bear market (including such practical wisdom as “Stop reading the news if it makes you sick”).


Looking back, 2007 was an unlikely time to establish a successful blog for providing financial advice, since the recession was just around the corner. Ning, however, doesn’t provide detailed advice on what investments to make, and doesn’t charge for information from the site. Rather, he attempts to make financial literacy easily accessible for everyone from college students and young working parents to retirees.


When asked to describe, Ning says, “I want the site to be informative, but I also want it to be fun. Finance can be a dry subject and I want to educate people in a way that they find entertaining, so that they will stick around and learn more.” Ning’s goals for his readers are for them to “overcome debt, build wealth, and be able to make informed and responsible financial decisions.” While lofty goals, Ning is certain that with his expert and witty advice, his readers can succeed.


In addition to a variety of topics that post on the home page, the site features collections of posts on Frugal Living, Investing 101, Money Management, and what he calls “Beyond Money.” Ning often emphasizes the latter, which features great insights on living a life in balance, such as the importance of family, health, and happiness, and how they all relate to money.


Though has expanded to feature multiple regular and guest bloggers, Ning is still personally at the helm, and tries to respond to all questions that readers send him. He can’t always answer each one individually, but hearing from readers is always inspiring, and lets him know what people need to hear more about. 

About MoneyNing (Astute Actions Inc) takes its name from founder David Ning, a former IT manager and entrepreneur who promises to make the path to financial independence “fun, entertaining, and informative.” Based on the half a million monthly visitors to the site, he appears to be succeeding. Ning’s approach encourages people to take control of their finances, become debt free, and build wealth over time. Visit to get your free e-book on saving money, and feel free to skip ahead to the internet coupon code section, or find details at!

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