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( — July 13, 2015) Huntington Beach, CA –Roland Frasier, a recognized expert in the field of marketing and finance, recently conducted a podcast on direct response marketing. According to Frasier, direct response marketing is one of two major types of marketing strategies, the other being known as mass marketing or branding. “Mass marketing is expensive and takes a lot of time,” notes Frasier. “However, DRM’s goal is to get you results in a short time with a small, directed cash outlay.”

According to Frasier, the vast majority of clients will never succeed with mass marketing techniques. “It’s simple math,” he notes. “If you are a relatively new or small company, you are competing against companies with years of advertising under their belts and huge advertising budgets. It is probable you cannot compete with them in this arena.”

The answer, according to Frasier, is to move into a direct marketing frame of mind. “Direct marketing requires an immediate response. Think of an email list into which your customers can opt in, a phone call they can make or an order that directs them to a web page.”

Frasier points out that direct marketing ads are trackable, as opposed to mass media which goes out to a wide audience. “It is much easier to track how effective your advertising dollars are when you spend them on direct marketing,” says Frasier.

Direct marketing requires compelling content, targets a specific audience and usually makes a specific offer. Most of all, it demands a response. “Because direct marketing is response-based, you get immediate feedback from your customer base,” says Frasier. “This can be invaluable in honing your business strategy.”

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About Roland Frasier: Specializing in negotiation, copywriting, marketing strategies, mergers, acquisitions and exit strategies, Roland Frasier is one of the principals of Idea Incubator and Digital Marketer.


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