High Tech Safety Introduces Multi-Function Stun Guns

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(Newswire.net — July 13, 2015) Murfreesboro, TN –High Tech Safety offers a wide range of non-lethal, personal protection products such as stun guns, pepper spray and mace for sale. However, most of these items serve a single purpose. Now, the company introduces a range of multi-function stun guns that can serve more than one purpose and offer better safety protection for a range of situations.

For example, one stun gun for sale as seen at http://www.hightechsafety.com/stun-guns.html is the Stun Master® Multi-Function Stun Gun. This multi-purpose tool features a 9,500,000-volt rechargeable stun gun with 4.6 milliamps of power to take down attackers of any size or strength. However, this stun gun also includes a super-bright LED flashlight and red flashing emergency lights so that users can signal for help if necessary. It also includes an ear-piercing 130db alarm to call for assistance in any situation. The Stun Master Multi-Function stun gun also has a rubberized grip for easy handling as well as a disable pin wrist strap for safety. Measuring only 4.75” x 2.5” x 1” and with a free nylon holster included, this gun serves a multitude of purposes for anyone wanting personal protection.

Stun-guns, pepper spray and other non-lethal forms of personal protection are growing more popular, especially in light of restrictive laws that prevent the use of many other types of weapons. For more information on multi-use stun guns and other items such as pepper spray for sale, visit the High Tech Safety website.

About High Tech Safety: High Tech Safety is a company dedicated to providing the best non-lethal safety alternatives on the market. With high-quality and affordable stun guns, pepper spray, mace and personal or home safety devices, this company offers the best selection at the lowest possible prices on everything needed to keep customers and their families safe.


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