NutriMost Sarasota’s Fat Loss Plan Totals 998 Pounds

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( — July 29, 2015) Sarasota, Florida — Remember when Oprah lost 67 pounds.

She wheeled out a wagon with 67 pounds of fat on it to make a point!

Oprah has nothing on NutriMost Sarasota’s Ultimate Fat Loss program.

Since opening its doors in June, NutriMost Sarasota’s 40 patients have lost a combined 998 pounds!

That’s right – 998 pounds off the waistline.

What’s even more amazing is that 22 of the 40 started the program just in July.

The average weight loss for the patients who have finished the 40-day program is 27-32 pounds for women and 35-45 pounds for men.

That’s like going from a 40 inch waist to a 37.

“NutriMost has changed my life! I am healthier and feel better. Looking better is just an added bonus. In reality, 40 days is not that long to becoming a new healthier you! Don’t hesitate. You too can lose the weight,” said Mike Saxton who started the program this year.

Pam Terrell lost more than “17 pounds of post-menopausal weight that no other weight-loss program could touch. NutriMost utilizes whole foods and individual scans to give each person their own unique formula for success. If you follow the program, it works, period.

“And it works quickly with no hunger, side effects, or unnatural products. In fact, the program teaches you how to clean up your diet and also the products used on a daily basis that can have toxic effects on our bodies,” she added.

“My goal was to improve depressive symptoms, brain and memory function, and to lose 15-20 pounds. From day one I no longer needed supplements for mood and had marked improvement with my memory. I lost 17.6 pounds, feel amazing, and recognize myself in the mirror again,” Terrell said.

“NutriMost is a wonderful program and I experienced wonderful support from Dr. Sean Stringer with everything I needed to succeed. I’m thankful to be healthier, happier, and thinner!” she added.

“We are seeing amazing results,” said Dr. Sean Stringer, owner of Body Mind Wellness Centre and NutriMost Sarasota.

“Even more amazing are the health benefits our patients are beginning to see when the pounds melt away. Losing weight lowers the risks for heart attacks and improves your blood-sugar levels if you have diabetes,” he added.

“Some patients are having an easier time walking or just playing with their kids and grandchildren without being winded,” said Dr. Stringer who brought NutriMost’s Ultimate Fat Loss program to Sarasota in June.

Prior to offering the Ultimate Fat Loss program, Dr. Stringer went on this revolutionary diet himself and lost 37.9 pounds in just 40 days.

“I wanted to test this weight-loss program out before offering it to my patients at the Body Mind Wellness Centre. I wanted to make sure it worked and that it was safe,” Stringer said, adding that the results speak for themselves.

And people need to lose weight in the United States. Obesity is at epidemic heights in the U.S.

The Center for Disease Management estimates obesity costs the average American at least $1,500 a year just in doctor bills. That’s not including lost wages from the illnesses that are exacerbated by added weight.

“Everyone wants to be at a healthy weight,” Dr. Stringer said.

“Our weight-loss program provides a healthy and fast way to lose those extra pounds. Plus, there is a maintenance program that, if people follow, will help them keep the weight off,” said Stringer, who is a functional medicine practitioner.

For more information about the weight-loss program, contact Dr. Stringer at 941-208-3223, go to the NutriMost Sarasota website or visit the wellness centre at 1999 Lincoln Drive, Suite 202, Sarasota, FL 34236.



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