New Modification to DigiThermo Enhances Device’s Temperature Taking Capabilities

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( — July 30, 2015) Brighton, East Sussex — The device now boasts a blue, low energy backlight, which is designed to enhance readability in low visibility situations.

With well over 500 reviews, most of which are positive, the digital baby thermometer, which takes temperatures via the ear, is a preferred item within its class on Amazon. Shoppers have praised the device for being highly accurate, easy to use and safe. However, several shoppers have expressed the need for a backlight to enhance readability, especially in instances of low visibility. As a result, Just-Brill decided to modify the device in manufacturing its latest batch.

The addition of the blue backlight will be on all future models. In addition to enhancing readability, the backlight will use low power, thereby not affecting overall battery usage. This was confirmed in preliminary tests conducted by Just-Brill, which showed negligible extra power consumption while the backlight was in use.

Just-Brill’s digital ear thermometers, although designed for babies, has been shown to be useful in recording temperatures for older children and even adults. The device uses an infrared laser to quickly scan the inner ear, recording an internal head temperature in as little as three seconds. It uses no end probes or extra parts as cleaning the ear thermometer only requires wiping clean.

Hundreds of shoppers have expressed approval for the device in their reviews, backing up their comments with high ratings based on Amazon’s five-star review system. “Great thermometer that takes your child’s temperature fast and effortlessly. No need to add those plastic sleeves to the thermometer as it never actually touches the inside of your ear,” said Christine, a verified Amazon reviewer.

Currently available on Amazon, the digital ear thermometer from Just-Brill is expected to become even more popular with shoppers as a result of the addition of a backlight. All purchases of the device are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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