Beauty Buddy Launches Yoga Socks Said To Be Beneficial For Yoga Sessions

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( — August 6, 2015) Cape Girardeau, MO — Medical and yoga experts corroborate that practicing yoga barefooted may result in callouses and rough feet.  According to BeautyBuddy’s, it is against this backdrop that they designed their pair of yoga socks.

The company announced that their brightly colored pink socks was designed not only to protect the feet but also to provide warmth for feet and to absorb sweat. They highlighted that these socks are a comfortable alternative to using bare feet on yoga mats or floors. Although experts usually discourage the use of socks during yoga, the company assured that these socks were specifically designed for yoga use, which makes them completely safe during yoga sessions.

According to BeautyBuddy’s, in order to prevent slip and slide, their yoga socks feature a non-slip grip on the bottom in a swirled pattern. This pattern, the company highlighted, also serves the purpose of prevent the socks from easy wear and tear.

In addition to the non-slip bottom, the BeautyBuddy’s yoga socks feature an elastic cross-over strap that provides extra support for the feet which according to the company helps to ensure firm positioning of the socks on the feet.  They assure that the cotton material used provides softness and comfort, without which could otherwise make yoga sessions difficult.

BeautyBuddy’s proclaimed that their yoga socks are also ideal for Pilates. Some Pilates studios encourage students to wear non-slip socks for their own safety. The company expressed that the socks which stretch to fit feet sizes ranging from is easy to 5- 8.5 provide a thin feel to allow better positioning which is important for yoga as well as Pilates.

According to BeautyBuddy’s, with each purchase of the yoga socks customers qualify for access to free yoga workout videos which can be used at home to encourage a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet. These yoga socks are available exclusively on Amazon, along with a line of other BeautyBuddy’s products for yoga including yoga mats and yoga blocks.

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