Multiplication Flash Cards Said To Help Sharpen Math Skills For Back To School

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( — August 17, 2015) Saratoga, FL — For the summer break, many students heading back to school have issues with re-aligning themselves with courses that have numerous principles and concepts, especially Math. According to Simply Clever Cards, their deck of Multiplication Flash Cards are an ideal way for children ages 7 and up to understand and retain core concepts in arithmetic.  Now, on the final lap of the summer holiday, Simply Clever Cards mentioned that these cards can come in handy for students looking forward to the next academic year. 

According to the company, the Multiplication Flash Cards can be used in the classroom or for homeschooling. The Simply Clever Cards Math Flash Cards is a deck of 52 cards in four colors numbered 0-12 and contains four Jokers. The package includes a free guide that highlights some educational activities that children can undertake.

With the math flash cards, the company stated, children can learn the common core concepts in mathematics of addition and subtraction as well as division and multiplication. They suggested that children can start the school year off by familiarizing themselves with new topics such as learning about fractions and the concepts of numerators and denominators. Simply Clever Cards also recommended that children spend their time summer break leading up to September playing a variety of games to sharpen their math skills.

According to Simply Clever Cards, their Multiplication Flash Cards have piqued the interest in children more than other similar flashcards based off its unique design. These Multiplication and Arithmetic Cards become an educational fraction toy that turns arithmetic lessons whether at home or in the classroom into an engaging atmosphere that can capture children’s imaginations.

Simply Clever Cards believe that their Multiplication Flash Cards inspire innovative thinking, allowing users to practise number comprehension and helping children to enhance problem-solving and decision-making skills.

The company suggests that schools looking to improve the way they teach math can buy their deck of Multiplication Flash Cards in bulk. They currently offer a special where purchases of 5 or more decks of Multiplication Flash Cards receive 8% off the order total with the code SCC05G08. Additionally, when customers purchase four or more they can get free shipping on their order.


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