UN Peace Keepers Found Guilty of Sexual Exploitation

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(Newswire.net — August 26, 2015) Hampton, Victoria — It has come to the surface that UN peace keepers in the Central African Republic were found to be committing crimes of sexual violence against civilians, including children. The crimes committed by the peace keepers were found to be so heinous that the United Nations secretary general ejected his top official from the region. According to Ban’s spokesperson, Stéphane Dujarric, since the U.N. began to send peacekeepers to protect the civilians to the Central African Republic last fall, U.N. personnel have been accused in 11 separate cases of sexual exploitation and abuse.

According to The New York Times, the United Nations has been trying for years to be rid of the sexual abuse that has been hiding itself within its ranks. When looked into how the organization handles sexual abuse claims found that the investigations themselves were often hindered by procedural matters. On top of this, commanders are often not held responsible for their contingents with the most common punishment turning out to be sending the offender in question and no guarantees of prosecution.

“There is little or no child protection and offenders can often bribe their way out of the investigation before it reaches court,” says Glen Hulley the public face of Project Karma a group dedicated to combating child sex exploitation and child trafficking for sex abuse. “The corrupt police do not wish to lose their secondary incomes, the local pimp gangs and organized crime groups don’t want to lose their trade and local drug syndicates can mistake our investigators for anti-narcotics agents.”

“I am mentoring teams in case management, surveillance techniques, intelligence analysis and informer management as well as network building with community and government stakeholders in their areas” explains Hulley on what his mission involves with Project Karma.

The threat of sexual exploitation is ever present around the world. Many women and girls are constantly under the threat of being forced into sex trafficking and abusive sexual relationships. There should and can be changes made to stop this from happening.

By actively seeking out these predators and proving the countries with the proper training, we as global citizens can come one step closer to living in a world free of sexual exploitation. Hulley’s group, http://www.projectkarma.org.au/ is hoping to make that dream become a reality. “We know how to catch the travelling pedophiles, we know how to disrupt the criminal syndicates facilitating this market, we know how to save these children and give them a chance at life and we have the endorsement to work with and train local and national law enforcement agencies to serious affect this trade” says Hulley.

While the goal to end sexual exploitation and trafficking seems like a daunting a daunting task to overcome, is it something that is completely out of reach?

“It is exhaustive so far but as the results are beginning to come. It is also extremely rewarding and the support I have received from both Australia and overseas in terms of donations, offers of resource assistance and messages of appreciation has been overwhelming,” remarks Hulley.



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Project Karma focusses on creating, training and mentoring local investigation teams to investigate reports of transnational and local child sex exploitation offences in areas of SE Asia and then works with local police to bring offenders before the respective judicial systems under our Sentinel Project.

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