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( — September 4, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — Computers are progressing, artificial intelligence is on the rise, and technology is becoming a crucial part of contemporary life. It now appears that changing the old-fashioned stroller might be the next huge thing to hit racks, and with VW’s auto-braking hard-wear installed into a stroller prototype, this might be taking place sooner than we thought. Whilst VW are focusing their efforts into safety features, Wired Magazine recently reported on Kim Hyeonseok’s Strollever, a space-age stroller that features a UV ray resistant windscreen, forward headlamps, along with auto adjustable stroller suspension, helping the tiredest of tots sleep well on any type of terrain.


Reacting to the news, the employees over at Freddie and Sebbie, a child’s accessory maker based in Nevada, could barely hold their enjoyment. “Space age technology is going to be the coolest thing since sliced bread,” said business representative Neil Speight at a recent press conference. He added: “But what’s even better is that we get to work and develop all of our latest items alongside the latest developments in digital innovation.”


According to Speight, their existing range of devices accommodates to all parenting needs; from their ultra-lightweight baby diaper changing mat, to their jumbo toy hammock, each and every single item they create is designed specifically with the family in mind. He added: “At Freddie and Sebbie, we understand that people will be purchasing their child-care devices in all shapes, sizes and brands. We invest a lot of effort and time making sure that our products are flexible enough for any usage – no matter how space-aged a stroller may become for example, customers can constantly be ensured that our stroller organizer will be compatible with any brand-new models on the market!”


According to the product description seen in Amazon, with its distinct wraparound Velcro fastening system, the Freddie and Sebbie stroller organizer has actually specifically been created to be adjusted to any size or brand of stroller. Presently, seen on their web-page, hundreds of verified purchase testimonials are asserting that the luxury stroller organizer has been the answer to a great deal of moms’ and dads’ dreams, fitting every brand of stroller from the Peg Perego Book Pop Up to the Uppababy Vista 2015 and the City Mini GT Single to the Uppa Cruz.


Multiple compartments, high quality materials and easy-installation, are some of the benefits Amazon Marketplace Customer Jomama has actually discussed about the item. She adds: “This is the very best stroller organizer I have actually discovered. Most Vista owners like myself know that the UB stroller organizer is not at all helpful. This one though, is perfect for running, it holds everything in place, and my water cup doesn’t swing all over the place. The storage capacity is incredible, and it’s so strong. I love this organizer and I’m so sad I squandered so much money on all the other organizers when the very best one was looking me in the face!”


The Freddie and Sebbie range of kids accessories is only available to purchase on the US Amazon store, with additional product info about this deluxe stroller organizer discovered on their website at


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