Royal Baby Makes More Money than the Future King

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( — September 17, 2015) Las Vegas, NV — At 4 months old, Princess Charlotte is already worth $5 billion, upstaging her brother, Prince George, who is worth $3.6 billion. She brings in more money to the UK economy than her brother even though his birth has arguably caused a bigger frenzy and even though he will be king someday. If you have missed it in the news Britain’s Prince William and Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge, have given birth to a baby girl named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. She is fourth in line to the throne and will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Princess Charlotte has only appeared in public twice but she has already become a valuable asset to the country. Many have swooned over the lacy shawl she wore when her parents introduced her to the world. “The shawl is still very popular, we have seen a big increase in orders from all around the world in the last couple of months, thanks to all the media coverage,” said Gillian Taylor, director at G.H. Hurt & Sons. And the vintage stroller she rode in on her Christening has caused a similar craze. Scott Frew, the owner of Prams and Pizazz, a company that restores vintage strollers, said that they were “inundated with messages, emails, and calls” from people who want their own. This “Royal baby effect” is in itself a form of crowdfunding. As if by magic, the direct impact of Princess Charlotte has generated billions of revenues to many businesses brought in by customers who were captivated by all things ‘royal’.

“This is ‘new way’ of doing crowdfunding. Inventions are not required. Easily sourced products will be made available and with a touch of ‘magic’ millions of sales will be generated” says Jim Graham, founder of Kickstarter Millionaire. Kickstarter Millionaire is a behind-the-scene program that gives access to a ring-side seat in the “War Room” to be among the people who are involved with an 8-figure product launch. “We put together a diverse team of experts. With our combined knowledge we will deliver all the tools and strategies to create a million dollar launch and we want more people to walk in our shoes and be part of the team” explains Graham.

The team includes a publisher and journalist who has successfully launched over 156 Amazon bestselling books and who is a bestselling author himself. His wide media connection is valuable in putting businesses at the forefront of media exposure. There’s a top female online entrepreneur who is a “Generation Z” genius. She works with her MacBook Air to drive traffic using millions of active users on Instagram. There’s one who is responsible for software design. He’s a multi-platform engineer and coder who can reads codes as easily as most people read English. The affiliate manager establishes JV partnerships to increase online presence. She helps increase client base in weeks rather than years.  There’s an expert on affiliate launches. He’s been involved in the launch of a 7-figure pharmaceuticals company and created the largest internet provider in the state of Arizona. The business development and marketing guru utilizes the world’s most effective online tools and strategies to support highly effective viral traffic from Facebook. Another expert is responsible for global business transformation projects specializing in mobile banking, e-commerce, and comprehensive inter-bank payment gateways. Jim Graham, an award-winning speaker on Social Media, Traffic, and Lead Generation and Product Creation, spearheads the team.

These experts work day and night to deliver the marketing product of the decade.

Thousands of hours, money, and efforts have been wasted from running an online business without knowledge of the right formula from product launch to online marketing. Many have mistakenly believed that running a successful campaign is as easy as dreaming of a good idea, throwing it out there, and hoping for the best. It is, in fact, an exact science. “There is a precise formula that can help even those who have no experience in online marketing to produce monumental results. It reduces stress and generates revenues with less” says Graham.

Kickstarter Millionaire will show how to unearth a precious gem that will captivate everyone. This new way of doing crowdfunding is a futuristic approach to doing business online. “As much as we want everyone to have an access in the “War Room”, the slots are getting filled very quickly. If they don’t grab the opportunity now, the next person will surely have the edge” explains Graham.

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