Breakthrough Auto Detect Technology Sets Ezisoul’s 5-Port USB Charger Apart

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( — September 17, 2015) Beaverton, OR — Among the device’s features that users have been expressing satisfaction with include the cutting edge auto detect technology it is made with, which has resulted in many agreeing that it is among the most intelligent chargers in its class.

The device can charge any USB device, including Apple, Android and Windows 8 products. With most of these portable gadgets requiring different amounts of power to charge their batteries, the auto detect technology makes it possible by measuring the amount of power needed to charge each device and then delivering the specific amount to each. This is believed to result in a more efficient charge, speeding up the charging time for many devices.

“The charger does do the job. I have plugged in 4 devices (2 tablets and 2 smartphones). They were all charged fast, and the charger did not even get any warmer. A good product. I would recommend it,” said Arthur M. Chu, a verified Amazon reviewer.

With hundreds of positive reviews, a number of users have made similar comments about the multiport USB hub charger from Ezisoul. In addition to the product’s intelligence, a number of its features have also been praised by shoppers. They include its compact size, high power output and its built-in safety features, which include over voltage, over current and over temperature protection. It also comes with built-in short circuit protection and auto recovery function.

Multiport USB hub chargers have grown in popularity with most portable devices being made with USB charging ports. However, consumers are often warned about using chargers that are not made specifically for their devices due to the possibility of inefficient charging or damage to devices. The 5-port USB hub charger from Ezisoul, by way of its auto detect technology, is believed to solve those concerns for users.

Shoppers who are seeking an intelligent USB hub charger to meet their USB charging needs may consider the 5-port charger from Ezisoul. The device is sold with a 24 month, money-back warranty.

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