Ezisoul’s 5-Port USB Hub Charger Proves Useful to Owners of Power Hungry Devices

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(Newswire.net — September 18, 2015) Beaverton, OR — Among the devices that it has been said to charge efficiently include iPads, Android tablets and Windows 8 tablets, all of which are considered to be power hungry devices.

Compared to smartphones, many tablets require more amps and volts in order to charge properly. As such, manufacturers often recommend that the specific chargers that came with each gadget be used to charge them to prevent power issues or damage. However, in light of insufficient power outlets and several devices needing to be charged, multiport chargers have become popular as chargers for both smartphones and tablets.

Ezisoul’s 5-port USB hub charger, with its auto detect technology, has been singled out by many Amazon shoppers as being a suitable choice for their smartphones and power hungry devices. It is said to be able to measure the power requirements of each device and then deliver the required amount to result in a fast and efficient charge every time.

“I recently purchased this USB Charger and wanted to really put it to the test before writing this review. I plugged in all of our largest devices at once (iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 5c, monster 7′ tablet and iPod). All 5 devices showed up as connected and charging on home screen. They all charged in a timely manner,” said Anie, a verified Amazon reviewer.

In addition to its ability to charge power hungry devices, the 5-port USB hub charger comes with several features that helps to prevent damage to devices and enhances durability. It has a number of built in technologies that prevent overheating or power surges and has an auto recovery function as well. On top of that, it has a total power output of 50 W and 10 amps, which is more powerful than many similar chargers.

The 5-port USB hub charger is currently available on Amazon and comes with a full 2-year warranty.

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