Ezisoul Launches New Ultimate Infuser Water Bottle on Amazon

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(Newswire.net — September 19, 2015) Beaverton, OR — Labeled the Ultimate Infuser Bottle, the product allows for the infusion of natural fruits and water for a healthy, refreshing drink.

Made from an impact and scratch resistant plastic material, the water infuser bottle is designed for active lifestyles. As such, it is recommended for use at the gym, as a sports bottle and for travelling. In addition to being sturdy, it is also BPA-free, has a leak-proof seal and features a lightweight construction, which adds to its portability and convenience.

Water infusers have become popular in recent times as people seek new ways to improve overall health and fitness. The bottles are designed with an interior chamber in which fruits or vegetables are loaded. Infusion occurs when the rest of the bottle is filled with drinking water and the fruits or vegetables allowed to steep in it for a period of time. The end result is a drink that contains natural flavor and nutrients. As a result,high quality water infuser bottles have grown in popularity with many people who are dieting, on a detoxing regime, and those who do not drink enough water.

Since being launched on giant shopping portal, Amazon, the product has quickly caught on with a number of shoppers. Many have expressed satisfaction through positive comments and five star ratings, resulting in the bottle having a perfect 5-star rating to date.

“This Ezisoul is my favorite and makes it easier for me to drink water. Most infuser bottles have a tiny basket that only allows to put a couple of pieces in it. The Ezisoul Ultimate has a much larger basket and makes it great for adding more than one kind of fruit/veggie or anything else,” said Kim B., a verified Amazon reviewer.

The Ultimate Water Infuser bottle from Ezisoul comes in a 32-ounce size, considered to be large by many. All shoppers are privy to a money-back guarantee upon purchasing.

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