Santa Barbara Specialties Announces Release of BPA Free Fruit Water Infuser

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( — September 25, 2015) San Jose, CA — It is a fruit water infuser that is made from 100% BPA free plastic. Additionally it is easy to clean and comes in a size convenient for traveling.

The infusion bottle is made from plastic that contains no BPA. The BPA Free container allows the bottle to eliminate the possibility of leaching dangerous chemicals into it. The reduced chance of consuming contaminated water brings a more enjoyable and refreshing drinking experience.

The fruit water infuser is manufactured to be eco-friendly.

The container is a large size with the capacity to hold 25 ounces of fluid. To add to the efficiency of the water bottle, another benefit included is that it is leak proof. In this way, the fluid contents of the fruit water infuser stays intact and available to be drunk whenever required

According to the vendor Santa Barbara Specialties, the fruit water infuser is ideal for traveling purposes. The water bottle can be taken with the user whenever they travel to the gym. It becomes a neat traveling companion for when users go on the road. In addition the water bottle is compact enough to fit in the car cup holder.

The fruit water infuser is manufactured with a sturdy design. The bottle is made with durable Tritan plastic and promises to last long for the user. The container is also shatter-proof and scratch-resistant. This means the container will not break or crack easily.

The fruit water infuser is also easy to clean. Users can simply rinse out with soap and water after use. Additionally, users can also cleanse the bottle by placing on the top rack of the dishwasher.

The product though new on the Amazon marketplace has started to gain some positive reviews. One verified purchaser commented that “The Tritan Plastic 25 oz Fruit Infuser Bottle is great. This bottle is made of a very durable plastic with a center cylinder which extends nearly to the bottom of the bottle. This bottle holds a lot of fruit which increases the level of fruit flavor infused into the water. I really like the sleek look and the size of this bottle. It fits perfectly into the cup holder within my vehicle.”

The fruit water infuser can be purchased in a blue or grey design. The product affords free shipping once three or more water bottles are bought at the same time.

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