Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser Helps to Promote Healthy Lifestyle

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(Newswire.net — September 26, 2015) San Jose, CA — The product is created by Santa Barbara Specialties and is sold exclusively on the online shopping portal at competitive prices. One of the benefits of using the fruit water infuser is that it assists in promoting a healthy lifestyle. This water bottle assists users to do well in their progress to a healthier lifestyle. Fluid consumed from the fruit water infuser has the main benefit of keeping users hydrated. The water drank from the sports water bottle can replace lost nutrients and fluid for the user, especially those who may have an active day.

The fruit water infuser can act as a sport bottle and travel with the user anywhere. The owner can use it while at home or travelling on the road. The water bottle is also a convenient container to take with users to the gym. The bottle is capable of holding a good amount of fluid- around 25 ounces. According to Santa Barbara Specialties this water bottle makes an excellent travel bottle for those with active lifestyles.

The fruit water infuser creates flavored water with ease. Users simply cut and chop fruits and herbs and place in the specially designed infuser. The infuser acts as the middle portion of the water bottle setup. Water is poured into the main container and when the entire water bottle is assembled, a nutrient rich concoction is created as elements ooze and percolate from the infuser.

With fruits being infused into the fluid mixture, users are bound to receive a high dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This combination of nutrient rich fluid will give additional benefits such as improvements in digestion and assisting in weight loss. For those with an active lifestyle, the fruit water infuser juice can help in replacing energy to muscles.

An additional benefit of the water drunk is to help in manifesting glowing skin. This is a secondary feature of staying on top of hydration with the fruit water infuser. The fluids can also provide an immunity boost to strengthen a user’s body against the possibility of illness and disease.

The Santa Barbara Specialties Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser provides bonus recipes on their packaging. They list seven favorite fruit infuser recipes that are sure to assist in specific goals of hydration and energy improvement. Users can mix ingredients together such as apples, cinnamon, honey, mint, strawberries and watermelon to place in the infuser.

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