New Microfiber Towel from Bodi Hut Proves to Be Versatile Camping Item

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( — October 1, 2015) St. Saviours, St. Saviours — Bodi Hut’s new towel is made of an advanced microfiber that is said to make it a versatile camping item.

In addition to the need to wipe sweat occasionally, fishing and swimming are common activities often carried out by campers which require a suitable towel. Getting wet from rainfall is also a possibility, along with the need to keep warm during cold weather. Being highly absorbent, the new microfiber towel is said to meet all these needs. A number of Amazon shoppers who used it for camping trips expressed satisfaction in their reviews, which suggested that the product was ideal for a range of purposes, including multipurpose camping equipment.

“The older (and wiser) we get, the less heavy, bulky stuff we are willing to pack around – especially camping! This is my first experience with one of these towels and I’m impressed.They are deceiving in that they appear to not be absorbent because they are so thin and light. In fact, before we took this with us on an overnight camp out, I decided to test it to make sure it worked! It’s pretty amazing how quickly you can dry off with this and how fast the towel dries after,” said Dancing Nanny, a verified Amazon reviewer.

Measuring a large 32” x 52”, the towel is highly absorbent when compared to traditional cotton towels. In fact, it can absorb up to 1.8 liters of water, which is many times its own weight of only 205 grams. Additionally, it dries 287% faster than conventional towels, takes up 89% less space and dries in minutes. Users have also found that it is soft and gentle on the skin and safe for all skin types.

Campers who are seeking large, versatile towels to include in their camping equipment may consider the new microfiber towel from Bodi Hut. Known as the Bodi Towel, the product is sold with a money-back guarantee and shoppers get a complementary carrying case and weight loss e-Book with each purchase.

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The Bodi Microfiber Towel is an extra-large, super absorbent, quick dry towel perfect for travel, sports, beach, boats and other activities. Each Amazon customer receives a free breathable carrying case to store the towel or easily carry on the go. The purchase is backed by a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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