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( — October 1, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — The jumbo toy hammock is among Freddie and Sebbie’s best-selling items, who describe it as an ideal gift idea for any event, along with ideal for adornment in the home, nursery or kid’s bed room. Neil Speight, company representative for Freddie & Sebbie, offered his thoughts about the current success, saying: “In fact, this toy hammock helps tidy up the playing area, especially for all the toys and other stuff spread on the floor, which can be easily placed into the hanging net. The Freddie and Sebbie extra large hammock has been made to last, using 3 hard-wearing hooks to hang, and was pleased to find directions for set up included. This toy storage accessory has actually been developed to last, through premium quality standards, but most of all, the consideration for the safety of kids at all times.”

The product is offered solely on, with verified purchasers saying that the jumbo toy hammock blends in well with other accessories in the majority of infant sleeping quarters, and confirming size dimensions for the hammock fully extended as being 6 feet or 1.83 meters. The toy hammock by Freddie and Sebbie has currently received 157 five star reviews on Amazon, with one happy mom saying just she loved how the hammock looked in her kid’s bedroom. She adds: “It was extremely simple to set up and is capable of holding holding a ton of animals. We kept ours a bit lower, so it would be simple for my five year old to get his animals.”

Another mommy described it as a truly jumbo net, including: “Lots of reviewers have actually whined about the other so-called jumbo nets that were not big enough for them. Well, they ought to try this one. It was, in fact, too big for our use, considering that we wanted to put it above a top bunk and we don’t have extremely high ceilings. It hung down too far, and we didn’t have space to stretch it larger. We will certainly have to return it, sadly, given that there’s no other place in the room for it to go.”

Another US customer says the Freddie and Sebbie toy hammock was so creative by actually making storage space out of absolutely nothing. The delighted parent includes: “It’s a hassle-free idea, and looks completely great in a young child’s room. We have been using it to store toys for our kids, however I am now thinking I could use it for other things too. Naturally, the stuff you keep in it has to be light in weight, as the hammock can only bear so much load. However light items will go on it great. In the meantime, we are keeping toys that the kids want ready access to and have fun with the most. So they don’t have to open up cabinets trying to find these toys. They are right in front of them. The hammock, connected to one corner of a room at say somewhat above waist height, and looks excellent. Would extremely recommend it to other moms and dads.”

Neil concluded by saying that more product details and toy hammock evaluations could be found on Freddie and Sebbie’s Amazon store, with additional company details found on their site,

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