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( — November 3, 2015) — Creative and Clever, a website for anyone interested in creative DIY projects and inspiration, will feature the upcoming “Personal Stationery Making” event hosted by Scott Tucker. The DIY event will assist adults and children over the age of 12 in making their own custom stationery in time for the holiday season.

“There are many ways to buy pre-made stationery but Tucker is doing something personalized,” says Creative and Clever contributor Johnathon Cribs. “We love to see people getting into helping others with their creativity, it fosters a contagious sort of creative bug that gets spread in a wonderful way. The attendees of this course will be given this great opportunity to creative their own stationery and then their friends will eventually see it and they might get inspired as well.”

The one day class will be held at the Newark, NJ rec center at no cost for participants who register before the November 15 deadline. All materials will be provided by Tucker and New Jersey paper companies including paper, rubber stamps, and etching materials. Tucker will teach 10 unique stationery making techniques including computer-based labeling systems.

“The community I love is a community that is creative and inspires itself, that’s why I’m hosting this event,” says Tucker. “There are so many people who do nothing with their free time and they could really use something like this to get themselves up off the couch. I am interested in creating a chain reaction of creative inspiration and it is all going to start with this stationery class.”

The stationery making event will be open for up to 50 participants, a waiting list for a second class will be created if there are more than 50 participants registered. The event will be held on November 20 at 10am with a possible second class being held on the following day.

Tucker was recently featured on the Creative and Clever website for his exceptional DIY instructional videos. A review of Tucker’s “Personal Stationery Making” event will be posted to the Creative and Clever blog later this month.

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