Sing-A-Long Album To Be Released By Scott Tucker

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( — November 19, 2015) San Antonio, TX — Music Lovers Blog, the web center for audio enthusiasts worldwide, will feature the upcoming sing-a-long album for kids to be released by Scott Tucker. The kid friendly album was announced by Tucker last week in an exclusive article on Music Lovers Blog. Tucker will release the 12 song album this spring on his independent label.

“We really support musicians like Tucker who show incredible skill in their songwriting,” says Music Lovers Blog editor Hannah Schultz. “The announcement we made drew a lot of attention from our readership so we know there are going to be a lot of parents picking up this album when it drops this spring. Tucker is a genius with kids, which is uncommon these days as most people are busy writing folk or cross over country pop.”

The album will feature Tucker’s vocals as well as vocal back up from his sister on songs featuring call and answer style sing-a-longs. The album will be recorded this winter in Dallas, TX in a private studio owned by Tucker’s family.

“My goal is to give parents and kids a fun a safe way to sing and appreciate music together,” says Tucker. “Most of the music industry produces songs with less savory topics so I really wanted to make something wholesome but fun with this album. I have finished all of the writing and will be spending the winter and early spring mastering the music and working on album art.”

Tucker will release the album online on his independent label’s website where fans can also listen to the album for free without downloading it. The sing-a-long album will be Tucker’s first album written specifically for children under the age of 12. Each download of the album will come with 12 free coloring drawings to match each song for at-home print and use.

The album will be reviewed in a spotlight by Music Lovers Blog after its release this spring. The album will be available for single song purchase at $1 per song or $10 for the entire album. For more information on Tucker’s inspiration and songwriting methods visit Music Lovers Blog.

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