Healthy Diets Do Not Work for Everyone

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( — November 20, 2015) — There are many people with weight problems who are constantly undergoing some treatment or healthy diet in combination with everyday exercises, but they still do not manage to lose weight and achieve their desired goals. People who do not have this type of problem are often more than ready to say that they eat in secrecy, that they do not strictly follow their programs or they give up easily. In some cases this may be true, but there is also a scientific explanation which can be comforting.

It appears that no matter how hard one tries to stick to the rules of a diet, it does not work because, as some nutritionists and dieticians claim, this particular diet does not have any effect on that particular body. Some people who try to lose weight do not consult with health experts, instead of losing weight, they lose a lot of time trying different things and achieve nothing or what is worse, gain more weight.

According to experts, what should be done is to visit a proper nutritionist who will do some necessary testing like detailed blood analysis, from which the hormonal picture, sugar levels and allergy components to certain kinds of food will become evident and will show the overall condition of the body.

Based on these analyses, the nutritionist will come up with an individualized diet, consisting of food and drink elements which will be appropriate and if applied properly, they should work. It does seem painstaking, since the meals must be taken at a particular time of day, they have to be measured, exercise is a must, but should not be done to a point of exhaustion. All this is very demanding, but eventually, after a few months, results should be more than visible.

If people could afford this kind of targeted diet, it would be highly recommendable, because since we know how much money is usually spent on food every day, it is better to spend it on products which will be effective. When the results become evident, it will be a good value for money.

There are so many people in the world who are unhappy with their looks and very often not for health reasons. They go through various treatments, procedures in order to achieve good looks, not thinking of the consequences that can be grave after some time and appear in some form of chronic disease or cancer. So people should think twice when they stand in front of the mirror and say: “If only I looked like I did in highschool!”