1st Year Amazon Anniversary Announced For 4.8 Star Rated Baby Mirror

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(Newswire.net — November 25, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — Taking a trip with infants and toddlers can be a difficult task for moms and dads and guardians, as they want to see to it that their child is safe and well while they are driving. Most of the time, moms and dads get sidetracked from driving when they try to get a peek of how their child is doing in their car seat. It can be quite nerve-wrecking for parents with babies who have to travel in a rear facing car safety seat, when it becomes impossible to watch over the child without totally coming to a stop.

Just over a year ago, kid products business, Freddie and Sebbie, introduced a perfectly created car seat mirror that provided moms and dads the assurance that they require while driving. Light-weight, sturdy and simple to install, the said rear mirror soon ended up being a favorite among parents and caretakers, according to the 280 positive scores on Amazon. One reviewer has commented: “One of its exceptional features is that it can be rotated 360°, providing an ideal angle for child viewing.”

“This Freddie and Sebbie baby mirror is pretty damn awesome! The reflection is crystal clear like a digital TV, while the pivoting mirror allows you to get the very best viewing angle. My child is 1 now and will be rear facing at least for another year so I wanted something where I could see him on road trips and stuff (particularly if he has snacks or a sippy). I currently have it on the middle headrest in my Avalon and have it tilted to see him (his seat is on the traveler side). The straps permit you to get a really tight fit and it was an extremely simple 2 minute set up,” Erika Kiah, a verified Amazon consumer, stated in a 5 star review.

Aside from the item’s design and functions, some consumers additionally commented about the excellent customer support Freddie and Sebbie has actually offered them. “Love this mirror, fits my vehicle completely, effectively made. I am well pleased with the product and customer care,” states Timothy and Teresa Downum, while A.M communicated how pleased he was with how strong the mirror was even during rough trips, how clear the reflection was and how well they were dealt with by the company. He included: “Highly recommend. Customer support is great too. I got an email making sure that I was satisfied with the item after receipt.”

While revealing the item’s first year anniversary on the Amazon Marketplace, Freddie and Sebbie spokesperson Neil Speight stated that they were extremely delighted with how well the safety seat mirror was doing in terms of sales and consumer feedback. He added: “The backseat baby mirror is now one year old on Amazon, and we really appreciate how our customers enjoy letting us know about their own personal product satisfaction experience.”



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