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( — November 25, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — Dubbed as the Sunshine State, Florida is well-known for its stunning beaches and hot weather and because of this, sun exposure has actually been a terrific concern for citizens and tourists alike. For regular travelers and automobile owners, sun shades are necessary to reduce the glare when the sun is too bright and at the same time protect them from direct heat while moms and dads try to find ways to make sure that their youngsters don’t stay too long under the sun for fear of establishing skin issues due to direct exposure to hazardous rays.

Paige C., a fair-skinned on-the-go mom and Florida homeowner, states remaining safe and safeguarded under the sun is a priority. She purchased the Automobile Sun Shade from Freddie and Sebbie and begins by stating how happy she was with her purchase. She includes: “This is exactly what I wanted, anticipated, and received. It includes 2 in a pack, so I put one on the baby’s window in the backseat, and one on my motorist’s side window. I stay in Florida, so with all the sun, I wanted extra defense in the automobile. I might purchase another set to place on the other traveler window in the backseat. You should still see out of them quite plainly, and even though they are held up by the 2 suction cups that come with each shade, they stay on the window really well with the extra “film” coating facing the window. You can easily remove them, and they don’t leave any residue on the window. Flexible, strong product.”

Freddie and Sebbie’s spokesperson and co-founder, Neil Speight, revealed that there were a number of car sun shade brands offered on the market, while choosing the best item should be an uphill struggle for lots of motorists. He added: “We understand that there are a lot of sun shades out there that have actually been around for a long time but do not fulfill customers’ expectations. With each product that Freddie and Sebbie designs, we take into consideration our personal experiences and preferences, and also exactly what other individuals search for in a product. Our Automobile Sunshade is made with carefully chosen, top quality materials that ensure reliability, security and fulfillment.”

The description seen on the Amazon Marketplace reveals that Freddie and Sebbie’s Car Sun Shade has been made with dual layer mesh fabric, and PVC material, providing defense from UV rays, glare and heat. Neil concluded the meeting, stating: “It is kid friendly and designed to fit most vehicles, while enabling a clear view outside, making it an exceptional gift for car owners who typically travel with kids or adult travelers. It likewise comes with a lifetime no-hassle totally free replacement warranty to top everything off.”

Car sunshade evaluations quoted in this press note can be seen on the Freddie and Sebbie Amazon Marketplace shop, with further item details and images seen on their website,



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