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( — December 7, 2015) Conyers, Georgia — Chronic pain issues can lead to depression and reduced quality of life, and that’s why the experts at MD Pain Care work tirelessly on behalf of their patients. Medicine and technology have come together in a way to offer impressive patient outcomes with advanced methods that were impossible just a few years ago. The clinic group, which serves the Metro Atlanta and Athens communities in Georgia, specializes in minimally-invasive procedures and cutting-edge diagnostic methods to help their patients recover from the pain arising from spinal injury and other causes. “Our goal is to restore function and to improve the quality of life for all of our patients,” says Andrew Conaghan of the company. “Our pain management specialists blend advanced technology with the care and compassion patients need to conquer chronic pain.” To learn more about the team of pain care specialists, visit

Established to help patients with a variety of chronic pain conditions, MDPC offers a number of innovative treatment options, including facet joint injections, cervical epidurals, medial branch blocks, and spinal cord stimulations. What used to require complex surgeries can now be performed with minimally-invasive methods, resulting in reduced pain and restored range of motion in the patients treated at the clinics. MDPC operates three pain management clinics and an outpatient surgical center adjoining their Conyers location. The physicians and staff at the clinics have decades of experience treating chronic pain, and approach every patient encounter with the care and dedication needed to overcome troublesome medical conditions.

Treatment begins with a comprehensive consultation. The MD Pain Care clinics uses a multi-faceted approach to both diagnose and to treat pain conditions, and stresses that the simplest pain management methods be used before more invasive techniques. Coupled with medication or infusion, treatments may also include advanced physical therapy techniques, exercises, and preventative strategies. This innovative model reduces tissue damage and helps speed recovery for the patients treated at MDPC. “We have found that our methods result in quicker recovery for our patients,” adds Andrew. “Patients can have their pain managed or eliminated entirely with our algorithmic, step-wise approach to pain care.” To learn more about the clinics, visit

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Serving the metro Atlanta and Athens areas of Georgia, MD Pain Care is the region’s premier pain management specialist. Advanced technology and incredible compassion come together to offer patients relief from chronic pain disorders. From the intial consultation to the range of outstanding treatment options, the expert staff at the clinics in Conyers, Covington, and Monroe provide excellent patient outcomes and the expertise needed to help their patients lead fuller, happier, pain-free lives.

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