Must Have Features for a Business Friendly Webhost in 2016

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( — December 10, 2015) — Newswire spoke with web hosting experts Umbrella about must have features for a selecting a business web host, this is what they told us:

To put your business on the web, you need high quality web hosting. The very best webhosting companies will not just give you space on a server and look away. They will provide you with a good variety of tools that will allow you to maximally reap the benefits of having your business on the web.  Some of the features you should watch out for include:

Website Builder

A good web hosting service will offer you all the necessary tools that will allow you create a great website whether you are an expert in HTML or a newbie setting up your first website. Do not choose a webhost if you can’t confirm that they have a website builder than has enough templates that will allow you create well-crafted business websites.

Near 100% Server uptime

For a business website, the importance of having hosting that allows your website to be accessible 95% of the time cannot be overemphasised.  A good webhost should be able to offer you 99.5% uptime. Anything below and you may find yourself losing customers to your rivals in the future. Reviews of webhosting services are a good place to look if you are looking to see if they offer as much uptime as they claim. Here are some free services to monitor your site’s uptime.

Intuitive control panel

You probably won’t have enough time to watch tutorial videos in order to be able to use the control panel of your webhost. This is why you should ensure the host has an intuitive control panel. This is where you will go for all your backend and administrative duties. If it is not easy to understand it, you will struggle to put your business website to good use. In worse case scenarios, you may end up disrupting its functionality.


Your business will definitely expand in future all things being equal. You need to ensure your webhost is one that will be flexible to provide you with additional storage, more email space and more bandwidth anytime you need it. You should also be able to see an example of high-traffic sites hosted by the company. This way, you can avoid companies that promise unlimited bandwidth when you need it only to find your website crashing repeatedly whenever you have an onslaught of visitors after scaling up.


A good webhosting company should be able to understand your needs as a new business and provide plans that are pocket friendly. As a new business, you need to keep costs down as much as possible. Choosing a webhosting company that is used to providing hosting to small businesses is a way to achieve it. They already know what such businesses can afford to pay.

With these tips, you can find business friendly hosting in 2016 easily.