Online Time Clocks Can Put an End to Unworked Hours

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( — December 23, 2015) –When it comes to managing employees in your workplace, it can be hassle. It takes more than just a couple of hours a week to ensure that all departments are being run correctly and that employees are actually working the hours you are paying them for.

The picture is best illustrated by looking at the maths of what an organization can stand to lose. Imagine if you found out that an employee was claiming to have worked 40 hours per week and he or she was only working 35. That is 5 additional hours you are paying for that the employee did not work! Multiply that by 46 weeks and you have 230 hours you are paying for that are not being worked. Now factor in a work force of 50 and you could have 10,000 lost hours a year. Factor in 500 staff and the numbers are staggering.

Businesses are always looking for a better way to ensure that their employees are indeed working. The situation is complicated by the increasing diversity of the average workforce, with contractors, part timers, full timers, freelancers all making up the workforce, and some working remotely.

What Is the Solution?

The solution is simple an online time clock to track employees. The name explains it pretty well as it is exactly what it sounds like. It is a clock that tracks your employees’ attendance and hours worked. There are different features that you can enable on the various products in the market. For example, you can automatically receive screenshots of the employees’ computers.

Hoards of companies are switching over. There are changes afoot in industry and they are creating a new environment. In a recent HR survey by DP Surveys the following were highlighted as the key benefit by HR Leaders.

1. Better Accuracy

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, not every employee will accurately keep track of their time. The employee may overestimate or even underestimate their hours. A time clock prevents this from happening and the time documented is accurate down to the minute.

Employees are able to easily track all of the time they are working on a project and the software will keep track of the hours for you and the employee.

2. Better Satisfaction

Both you and the employee will feel better about the entire process of keeping track of working hours. You will feel confident in the ability of the software and your employees will also feel confident knowing that they are not losing out on hours.

3. Better Productivity

The single best benefit of time clock software is that your employees’ production will be boosted and you will notice the difference. When an employee knows his or her work is being timed and tracked, that employee will work harder to ensure that all hours are clocked.

You will also be able to tell which employees are not working to their maximum potential and you can address it as you see fit.

The business world is changing, and this is just one way that employers are adapting to the new environment. Change or die is the old adage. To be competitive a flexible approach to your workforce is more important than ever. Expect more innovations in 2016 to meet the changing demands of the modern way of working.