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( — February 20, 2016) Kobe, Hyogo-ken — Achieving positive life change can be very elusive at the times when it is most desired. When the world feels like it is turning in, falling apart or when things have just become too challenging getting the focus and resources to get life on the right track can feel almost impossible.

The Importance Of Mental Health

Mental health is one of the biggest issues in life today. Through everything within life there is a possibility for stress or negativity. The American Psychological Association (APA) runs a survey every year with the top causes of stress routinely being money, work, family responsibilities and health concerns. These things run through the lives of everyone and they affect everybody in different ways. Every person feeling a greater or lesser impact and each person having different ways they attempt to deal with the effects.

Solutions with many of these things are often seemingly unpleasant. Whilst many people see options such as quitting work due to issues there, or breaking up with their partner, there are fewer “easy” options for most in regard to health concerns and family issues.

Moving Past Negative Thinking

A major element of the reason that perceived solutions are often unpleasant is due to the thought process being linked very closely with the emotional state of the person involved. As such when a person is in a negative state both the emotional and thought processes take on a negative slant. People believe the solutions they have thought of are to only ones or perhaps the “best” ones, yet they are tainted by the thoughts and emotions that underlie them.

Gaining Clarity Helps

This is part of the reasoning for the age old wisdom of “sleeping on it” or walking away and having time to reflect properly before taking action. All of which is well and good, though the frame of the issue can still appear to be the same later on unless a serious shift in thinking occurs overnight or whilst reflecting. A major part of this being that the surface issue that appears is rarely the real issue, most people rarely look beyond the surface and truly deal with the causes. As such leaving the opportunity open for the issues to arise again, yet in a different guise. Things can however be very different, when the mind of the person is functioning in a more effective manner that is.

The experience that people have of the world is based on their thoughts and perceptions, the inner workings of the mind which few people ever truly dig into and discover for themselves. It is with those inner workings that the capacity for truly effective life change exists. The opportunity for actually living in the style that is wished for instead of what on the surface people think is possible.

The Law of Attraction?

Much has been published on the principle of the law of attraction, what it does and how it works. It is a sound principle with solid reasoning as to why it works and many people work with it, though many people achieve vastly differing results with it. There is a reason for this core difference, something which relates to the issues that people face within their lives.

The law of attraction states that a person gets what they focus on. Most people in life focus only partially on what they wish for. Spending much of their time instead perceiving the negative in things, watching the news and reading about “bad” things that have happened in the world, watching programs within which people are oppressed and negatively treated.

Through all of those things the mind then picks up a negative focus, something which filters through everything else within the mind. Affecting perceptions on worthiness and how to interact with and deal with others. It is the core perceptions of the world within the mind that then dictate how each person interacts with others and their dealings with them. So when a persons perceptions are negative, their interactions become negative to a certain degree too. Thus leading to stress and the various issues mentioned earlier.

Focus Is Important

This is why the manner in which a person treats their mind and what goes in to it, is so incredibly important. Through filtering out the negativity, that is actually dealing with it and releasing it rather than just glossing over it and attempting to ignore it, a persons experience of the world can be radically transformed. Thus enabling them to achieve massive life change.

Simple and Easy

A reality here is that many people believe that such changes in thinking are very difficult. Yet the truth is that they can be incredibly easy, after all if everything is within the mind then it is only thoughts that require changing. That is something which requires very little energy in comparison to many of the other options people believe they should consider. The actuality is that many people feel little desire to change and enhance their lives. Strange when as little as 10 minutes a day can make a big impact.

Though when the incentive and inspiration for real and lasting life change exists, and the transition to joyful living seems worthwhile energetically, people can truly surpass themselves and the previous experience that was life. At this point it ceases to be about whether the change is worth the effort and it becomes a question purely of what the best action to take is in regard to achieving the life change and lifestyle that is desired.

Change Can Happen Quickly

This is where SurgingLife is there to help people. Once a person goes beyond concern of the energy needed for change and the decision has been taken to effect positive life change things can actually happen incredibly quickly. Often so much so that those experiencing the changes are very surprised, as indeed are the people around them. Learning the simple techniques which can be applied with ease, and used to form a real basis for life change can be incredibly easy.

Life Long Lasting Effects

Some of the most impactful techniques can be learnt within an afternoon, carry positive changes that spread throughout the rest of a persons life and require nothing more than a subtle shift in thinking. For many the mystic of self change shrouds the way, when the reality is that things can be done in an amazingly comfortable and enjoyable way.

Using Simple Life Change Techniques

The use of simple techniques such as meditation and ho’oponopono has long been demonstrated to bring the option for massive life change. Many know of the changes brought about by Dr. Hew Len through the various things he has done. Jon Kabat-Zinn is also well known for the impact he has brought from teaching mindfulness. Impact and benefits which have spread across individuals and organizations worldwide.

Many people are aware of the various celebrities that practice these simple techniques, yet few take the action to learn them enjoy the benefits for themselves. Yet the learning can be attained so easily, especially when there is help available which makes things easier for those who desire it.

Keep It Simple

Focusing on simplicity makes things easy in a number of ways. For a start it reduces the pressure a person places on themselves. In addition to this the simplicity can mean that techniques are enjoyable as well as being easy to practice. Something which leads to a person being able to hold to their commitment to change and the achievement of good results as a matter of course. Simplicity brings many other benefits too, things can spiral into far larger achievements from just small beginnings.

Achieving Joyful Living

The desire of joyful living for all who desire it is what fuels the inspiration behind SurgingLife where two of the things focused on are simplicity and ease. The option exists for people worldwide to use the life change resources they have made available, resources which aid easy yet effective life changes and that have already aided a great many to achieve greater degrees of joyful living. The biggest strides are usually made by those attending live events.

The reason being that within the environment of a live event clarity can be attained with greater ease as questions are answered and techniques practised. It is one thing to watch a video or read an article explaining how to do something simply, being able to practice and then clarify adds another dimension which can be incredibly beneficial to many. Through taking time to go to such events people are effectively investing a greater amount in achieving their desired way of life, which in terms of the law of attraction makes that realization far more possible.

Committing to Life Change and Taking Action

In part just taking action is massively important. Even just making the decision to change covers about 50% of what is required to bring positive change. The other 50% can be easy too, depending on what kind of options a person decides to take. Once a person has decided to change that person can of course try out different things, though getting the right help from the start makes it so much easier to achieve joyful living. Whatever course a person takes when they want more from life it is worth noting that taking action, committing, learning and practising can be incredibly easy and enjoyable, especially when using the simple yet effective techniques acquired when attending a life change workshop run by SurgingLife.

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