North Rim Partners Announce Mont-Blanc Building Project

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( — February 23, 2016) Portland, Oregon — North Rim Partners announced the development of a new building project that will compliment the vibrant commercial development landscape. Named Mont-Blanc, the currently-ongoing building project is set to be completed in the spring. With the construction project in full swing, the Lloyd District community–where the building is situated–reaffirms its status as one of the more progressive areas for creative offices and light industrial manufacturing. 

The Mont-Blanc building is a state-of-the-art green and sustainable construction project that features a variety of office, retail, and commercial-kitchen spaces. Tenants will have access to all three floors of the building and modern amenities via a new passenger elevator. Mont-Blanc also features fully appointed, ADA-compliant, men’s and women’s restrooms, LED lighting, green amenities throughout, and off-street parking facilities onsite.

The Lloyd District neighborhood itself is ideally suited to the development of this new mixed-use project. A predominantly-commercial area located in the North/Northeast section of the city, the Lloyd District serves as the entertainment hub of Portland. In addition to this heritage, the area is also the planned site for the first “eco-district” in the city. Plans are also underway to develop the Lloyd District into a fully modernized transportation “super-hub”, with services and amenities that will rival the most renowned cities in the world.

Already, the Lloyd District is in the midst of a construction and development boom that many expect will continue on for the foreseeable future. With numerous retail and service oriented businesses thriving, the area is poised for even bigger and better things over the next several years. With the completion of the Mont-Blanc building project, and the addition of thousands of new residential units being created in the area, the local business community will see that Lloyd District is well on its way to becoming a balanced, world-class commercial district. 

Central to the effectiveness of North Rim as a real estate development and management firm, is its focus on addressing the needs of each and every tenant and small-business client. With a consistent commitment to providing the highest quality of customer service possible, the company has established a reputation that extends to other markets outside of Portland.

In addition to their development services, North Rim Partners also provides commercial property management, tenant-improvement construction, and commercial brokerage services. The company was established in 1995 in Portland, and in its more than two decades of growth and expertise, it has managed to become one of the leading firms in the Portland office, retail, and light-industrial real estate marketplace. Bringing together a dedication and professionalism borne out of years of experience in providing for the needs of the local business community, the firm is responsible for some of the most promising development projects in the city.

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North Rim Partners is a Portland-based firm specializing in commercial property management, construction and commercial brokerage services. Founded in 1995, the firm brings together its trademark professionalism and years of expertise in providing for the real estate and construction-related needs of the Portland business community.

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