To People Who Want to Pursue a Career in Cosmetology; But Don’t Know Where to Start

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( — March 31, 2016) West Covina, Los Angeles County, CA — Working in the beauty industry has many incredible benefits. It involves working with some of the most amazing people, using wonderful products and completing fantastic creative designs to help people feel good about themselves. Cosmetology may be one of the most rewarding professions to enter into. Here are some tips to help those who want to pursue a career in cosmetology but are not sure where to start.

Age, educational and other requirements for Cosmetology Programs

Cosmetology programs require that students be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or the equivalent GED to enroll. American Beauty College will also require a California ID or driver’s license, social security card, income tax or source of income for the previous year and a birth certificate or residence card.

Find a cosmetology / beauty school

Find a state licensing Beauty College, one that will issue state certification to perform cosmetology in the state of residence. Tuition and fees will vary from college to college depending on the courses enrolled in. There are some variations in courses offered and the times they are taught. At American Beauty College in West Covina Los Angeles County, there are courses for cosmetology, barbering, makeup, manicuring and crossover courses.

Complete Cosmetology training

Most of the cosmetology programs will take from nine to fifteen months to complete. For example, the cosmetology program American Beauty College Cosmetology program takes approximately twelve months (1,600 hours) to complete. This is the standard number of hours required in order to receive a state cosmetology license. Training throughout this time covers hair coloring to human anatomy and includes classes, hands-on training, and a lot of practice. Some of the subjects covered in courses are:

* How to wax various areas of the body

* How to perform facials

* Human anatomy and chemistry

* Disinfection

* How to clean, cut and style hair

* Chemicals used in coloring, straightening, and permanent waving

* How to apply facial makeup

Pass Cosmetology licensing exam

Licensing requirements involve meeting the individual state’s guidelines. Applicants have to pass a written questionnaire and outlined practical testing in their specified program. Once the license is received, a specialty career can be considered.

Specialties in Cosmetology

Once the main courses in cosmetology are completed, it is time to consider whether or not to go on to specialize in a specific area of cosmetology. There are many areas that fall under this category that a person can obtain special training in to become a specialist in his field. At American Beauty College there are additional courses of study to continue education on:

* Becoming an instructor

* Study to work in fashion or print work

* Become a platform artist to travel and share information on products

* Barbering

* Makeup

* Manicurist

* Freelance stylist


About American Beauty College

American Beauty College in West Covina, California is a pioneer in the beauty industry. They are a respected establishment prepared to educate students and get them ready to pass the state licensing exam. They have experienced staff that will help students find career placement after they graduate. Having over 40 years of experience in the world’s third largest industry, they are committed to giving their students the knowledge and tools needed to be successful in this competitive field. Their professional and experienced instructors take their students through all the steps and guide them through any new market trends and changes to ensure they enter their career fully prepared. Students who are looking to pursue a career in the beauty industry can contact American Beauty College today (call/text (626)422-9119).

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