Romar Supply Prevails with 30+ Years as a Woman-Owned Business

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( — March 30, 2016) Irving, TEXAS — Romar Supply, which continues to be a fast-growing wholesaler of pipe, valve, fittings, and fabricated steel services, recently celebrated 30 years in the market and continues to dominate as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE). The company was founded in 1983 by Roy Adair and family. Roanne Adair Lasater soon joined Romar which became a WBE and also a certified Historically Underutilized Business and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.

The recognition has opened many new doors for Romar. Maintaining the product quality and customer service of a family-run operation, Romar Supply has not only survived the WBE certification process, but thrived by being so. “Criteria for becoming a WBE include being in business for at least six months. After 30+ years, we are thriving and growing in a competitive regional market,” Mark Adair of Romar said.

To be certified as a woman-owned enterprise, a woman must have ownership of at least 51 percent of the company and hold the highest position in the organization. She must also be actively involved in management and the company’s strategic direction in addition to being a U.S. citizen. The application process is challenging. There’s a certification kit from the National Women Business Owner’s Council. Romar was built at a time such resources were not available but, today, it has the experience, education, and industry knowledge needed to succeed.

“The standards for dominating as a WBE are quite high,” said Roanne Adair Lasater of Romar. “Today, our pride goes beyond being successful as a WBE. We’re currently an important and growing asset in the regional fabrication, contracting, and manufacturing markets. Our influence continues to expand through Texas and into Oklahoma and beyond.”

Budding WBE’s have access to comprehensive programs. These involve education, mentoring, and networking opportunities directed at women-owned businesses. Some programs focus on awarding contracts to WBEs. There is a lot involved in becoming a WBE and many advantages. The possibilities, however, are limitless as can be seen through the success of Romar Supply.

Today, Romar works with more than 1,800 customers in four states and 50 leading manufacturers serving the mechanical construction market. Its combined warehouse space of over 136,000 square feet enables it to meet customers’ steel, stainless steel, brass, plastic, and alloy pipe and tubing needs. It also supplies weld fittings, flanges, valves, gaskets, and other mechanical components. Custom fabrication of parts and structures benefits all types of contractors up to the government and defense level.

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