AES Keeps the Power On as Electricity Prices Rise

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( — March 30, 2016) Arlington, TEXAS — Accurate Electrical Systems, a leading electrical repair and remodel contractor in Dallas-Fort Worth, continues its mission to ensure area homes and businesses get just the electrical service they need and receive the most out of the power that’s getting pricier by the day. The woman-owned, family-operated company is dedicated to keeping the lights on. It also employs skilled technicians able to diagnose any problem and recommend the exact service and electrical work a client requires.

Maggie Smith, President of AES, said, “Periodic fluctuations have made energy prices unpredictable, but the upward trend is quite evident over the past 10 years. We do our best to ensure customers get the most out of their electricity and never have to pay for service they don’t need. Our “A-Team” also makes sure wiring, appliances, and other electrical assets are in top shape so there’s no power drain or other factors causing unnecessary electricity usage.”

Residential electricity prices continue to rise. From November 2005 to November 2014, they rose by nearly 30 percent, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). While the EIA actual projects a slight decrease in 2016, this is yet to be seen. It also projects rates to be 2.3 percent higher in 2017 than in 2016. The increases haven’t been the same everywhere; in Hawaii, they’ve doubled in 10 years but, in other places, the changes haven’t been as dramatic.

Natural gas rates are also expected to keep rising. Experts therefore predict electricity prices to stay high as well. Executive action on the Environmental Protection Agency has led to stricter regulation of carbon emissions at coal power plants. The rates for coal-fired electricity, therefore, are expected to increase.

“Unless you are taking extreme action such as going solar,” says Smith, “The best bet is to conserve and A) keep your electrical system in good shape; B) make necessary repairs; and C) stick with a reputable and experience electrical company built on honesty and professionalism.”

Accurate Electrical Systems has strongly advocated reducing electricity usage. Home and business owners can be smarter about using their lights, appliances, heating and cooling systems, and water. Lowering how much electricity is used can reduce the monthly charges from utility companies.

The company can perform any type of electrical service. It also installs generators, repairs and rewires machinery and lighting, and upgrades equipment such as computers, copiers, telephones, and dryers. Accurate Electrical systems can be reached at for more details on its capabilities and services.

About Accurate Electrical Systems

Woman-owned and family-operated, Accurate Electrical Systems employs licensed, bonded, and insured professionals who are always prompt and courteous. It has been known for world-class electrical repair and remodel services since its founding in 1984. Customers can rely on the “A-Team” to troubleshoot, repair, and rewire lighting and machinery for any home, business, or facility. From lighting repairs to computer maintenance, generator installation, and service, to automatic emergency transfer switch installation, AES can do it all.

About Accurate Electrical Systems

Accurate Electrical Systems, inc. Has been in business here in Arlington since may of 1984, incorporated in the state of texas.  We are women owned and family operated. We do business throughout the dallas-fort worth area.

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