Filing an Auto-Claim isn’t Enough When Hurt in an Accident

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( — April 21, 2016) Philadelphia, PA — The recent multi-vehicle accident that injured four children in an SUV reminds us that personal injury attorneys must be part of any victim response.

The accident happened quickly, but its effects may be felt for years or even decades to come. Four children in an SUV were injured when their vehicle was struck by a truck. While the police will continue their investigation into the March 30, 2016 Philadelphia car crash, the critically injured four-year-old will likely need years of medical treatment if she recovers. The other children injured in the accident—ages four, eight and 11—escaped more serious injuries but will have their own futures shaded by this multi-vehicle crash. Calling the insurance company is necessary, yes; but contacting trustworthy personal injury attorneys is just as vital.

Protect Your Rights

An auto insurance company is primarily interested in resolving a claim quickly at the lowest cost possible. This means the insurer is not necessarily working to protect the car owner’s rights. The right injury attorneys, on the other hand, are exclusively working to protect the rights of everyone in the insured car. This includes the right to seek compensation for stress, injuries, damages and more.

Protect Their Future

The parents of children injured in a car accident have a moral obligation and financial responsibility to protect the children’s rights and future opportunities. Car accident injury attorneys can help preserve the children’s future successes by working hard to secure a settlement that allows for:

  • Medical attention, including emergency and extended care
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychological counseling
  • Occupational therapy

Sometimes the effects of a car accident injury do not surface for weeks or months. Young children, whose bones have not fully formed or hardened, may show no immediate signs of chronic injury. Then, long after the accident, a child may start to complain of joint pain, stiffness, or limitations. How will parents provide for their children then? To whom should they turn for financial help? Qualified injury attorneys can work hard to provide the financial reserves needed for these unforeseen issues.

Rebuild / Recover the Loss

Part of an attorney’s work is to recover what their clients lost in any accident, whether it is the use of a car for work and personal matters, wages lost to hospital time and doctors’ appointments or dealing with an auto repair shop. The attorneys help rebuild their clients’ lives in practical ways an insurance company cannot.

Defend Yourself

The other party may have either an aggressive insurance company or their own attorney. The car accident lawyers at Ginsburg & Associates have the experience and knowledge to protect their clients against unfair treatment, defend them from intimidating and stressful tactics, and preserve bright futures for their clients’ children. Contact Ginsburg & Associates today


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